IFB Project #33: Share Your #IFBCon Outfit

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5 Days. That's the official countdown to #IFBCon.

All the bags have been assembled, the panelists have been lined up, tickets are being sold. I can't even believe we are in the home-stretch but it's true. The only thing left to plan is my #IFBCon outfit. It must be the winter blues or something but I'm in serious need of outfit inspiration. Should I wear a dress or colored denim? Go in all black (this is New York) or deck myself out in neon? Bold baubles or simple jewelry? Too many options and now my head hurts. Total #fashiongirlproblems.

IFB Project #33: Share Your #IFBCon Outfit

Since I'm in need of #IFBcon outfit inspiration, this week I'm asking you all to share your own #IFBcon outfit. Even if you can't make it to the big apple (you will be missed!), show me what you would wear if you could go. You can create a collage or snap a picture of your outfit and share it below. I can't wait to see your outfits; you all never let me down!

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  1. Lindsey M Jones

    If I was attending the conference I would wear all black, perfectly natural makeup with a pop on the lips and some fierce shoes (so I’d be at least 6’1″)! 😀