4 Out-Of-The-Box Fashion Week Post Ideas

Last season I wrote a post with tips for blogging about fashion week shows you didn't attend. I provided tips for using images from larger publications and building content around your unique perspective rather than just a massive amount of looks without any analysis.


That's how I typically  cover fashion week shows on my blog: I gather a few of my favorite looks, see if I can find a trend, or explain why I, personally, like that designer or collection so much. This season though, I felt inspired to take it a step farther.  I thought about the different ways a blogger could cover the shows – whether or not you were in attendance – that were a bit more original and creative.


Here are 4 out-of-the-box ways to cover fashion week:


1. Give your favorite looks a character

This is an idea sprung from a couple of different blogs. If you look at John Jannuzzi's blog, Textbook, he dresses characters from literature and history in current runway looks. Another inspiration comes from Should Be On The Nanny – where the blogger puts runway looks on characters from The Nanny. Genius, right? Even if you can't work Photoshop wonders like these two, you can still have fun with the idea of imagining what fictional characters might wear looks from the latest collections. Put photos side by side, give some explanation, use quotes or perhaps link to a YouTube clip. Have fun with it and use your imagination!


2. Re-create looks in your closet

Often times in the fashion world, what's old is new again. Chances are, you can re-create or come quite close to emulating a FW / 2012 runway look with items already in your closet. If you can't pull together exact pieces, analyze the trends you find. Whether it's cut, color, pants over dresses, short hems, long skirts – you probably have the pieces necessary to get the message across. This is a fun way to show your readers that you understand trends and that you know you don't have to be decked out in designer duds to look chic and current. Snap some photos of yourself in your best re-created looks or trends, and put them next to (properly credited) runway images.

3. Make Pinterest Boards of your favorite collections and looks

If you're already on Pinterest – you know how addicting it can be! It can be a daunting (and probably unnecessary) task to cover all the shows on your blog, so why not put all your favorite looks, trends and collections into nice organized boards you can come back to later? You can collect a massive amount of images this way, and organize them pretty much any way you choose! Add a Pinterest badge to the side of your blog so your followers can find you images, and send out links to your boards on Twitter and Facebook as well.


4. Assemble a narrative of your favorite tweets to tell the story of a show

This is a post-type I used to envoke frequently on my blog. I think it's so fun to look at the tweets of those who are attending shows, and hear their different perspectives. From bloggers in the 3rd row to @MrJoeZee sitting front and center, your timeline can produce a composite story of the hits and misses of a runway show or presentation.  Select your favorite tweets, whether they're descriptive, funny or include photos – to share with your followers. Include links to each tweeter's profile, as well as to a more comprehensive review or image gallery of the collection.


Alright, now who's excited for fashion month to start? We're just 3 days away from the beginning of NYFW and the IFB headquarters are practically buzzing with anticipation!


[Images by Nando Alvarez]


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7 Responses

  1. Casee Marie

    I love this! It can be so challenging to handle the topic of Fashion Week in a creative, original way when you aren’t attending the shows. These ideas are perfect. Since my blog falls largely into the “lifestyle” category with all sorts of topics I’m doing what I refer to in my mind as “Little Fashion Week” by focusing a full week on daily posts surrounding fashion in different aspects – not necessarily runway but things like DIYs, a giveaway, interviews and articles about cultivating your original style. Then I figure I’ll devote social media to the NYFW spectrum, sharing links to other bloggers’ posts and my thoughts on the collections that way. I think Fashion Week presents a great time for testing the waters and experimenting with your blog, determining where your audience’s interests are, and it especially gives you an opportunity to flex some creative muscle!

  2. FashionistaNYC

    Love your ideas and still cannot believe Fashion Week is here!! Polyvore and Pinterest are great ideas to do something different from before.

  3. Style Gourmand

    These are some really great ideas! I’m def going to go for the pinterest suggestion. With live streaming I think the twitter one is an esp good idea to give that “front row” feel from your won perspective. I would never have thought of these- kudos!

  4. LaurenF

    I definitely want to try my hand at re-creating a runway look or two. I’ve been doing my own “look for less” outfits since high school, well before I even knew what a blog was. It’s always fun to see what pieces in my closet can be put together in new ways.