Chic Geek Giveaway: PhotoJojo Camera Straps

Much to your dismay, we are stepping away from the laptop bags for this week's Chic Geek column. I know, you all were extremely excited about the ONA Bag giveaway and were probably looking forward to another similar giveaway. But I've got something even more cute for you to win! Hard to believe, right?

Enter PhotoJojo's Toyko Dreamer Camera Straps.

Who knew you could decorate your camera strap in a fun and funky way? Instead of that boring black strap, you can use PhotoJojo's special straps, adding a hint of personality and flair to your camera. Made ofΒ  durable vegan leather, the strap is a total of 4.5 feet long and has a soft velvet-y lining cushioned for neck comfort. My favorite part of the Tokyo Dreamer strap isn't the soft leather, color choice (even though the colors are pretty adorable). No, I'm a sucker for the quote printed on the strap.


“Today, I'm just a dreamer, dreaming my life away.” Isn't that just the ultimate mantra for every photo addict out there who spends their days surrounded in photos?

While I can't grant make your dreams come true (literally), I can give away THREE camera straps to one lucky IFB dreamer! To enter, you must:

1. Tell me what your biggest dreams are. Career, life, love. There are no rules; just be honest and share what your biggest dreams are!
2. Like IFB on FacebookΒ 
3. Be sure to leave a valid email address.

Contest ends Monday, February 13, 2011 at 11:59pm EST so hurry and enter!


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  1. Alexandra

    What an amazing giveaway! I absolutely love that quote… so true for all of us living the fashion blogger dream!



    • Alexandra

      Oh gosh – I forgot to share my dreams! I guess I feel as though I’m already living them, since I’m jetting off to NYC tonight for IFB Con., Fashion Week and lots of fun!

      Here’s to CHASING your dreams and grabbing them, whatever they may be πŸ™‚


  2. Sonya Gogna

    my biggest dream is for my children to have the confidence to pursue their dreams — my dream of becoming a mother has already come true

  3. Cynthia BaguΓ©

    My dream? Become a nice blogger, the kind of blogger that people enjoy to read and be able of living doing what I love: writting about fashion. Travelling the world with my team and my camera and share with the world my love for this industry.

    Some people would say that’s an imposible dream…but that doesn’t stop a real dreamer πŸ˜‰

    [email protected]

  4. Daniel Dunt

    Such a lovely giveaway!

    Okay, so my dreams…

    Well, blogging has been good to me in terms of making friends and getting to chat to designers and all of the phenomenal emerging talents, so expanding my blog and letting that continue is most definitely up there!

    I’m also going to be launching my own label towards the end of this year/beginning of next year, so it would be really great if that takes off, and people start wearing my designs! (Ah, the thought of someone strutting down the road in a dress or skirt I’ve designed – definitely a dream!)

    Lastly, journalism has always been a goal of mine, and I would therefore love to grab a position at Dazed & Confused, as it’s one of my favourite magazines. Being an editor (or even an editor-in-chief) of a magazine would be phenomenal, and something like Dazed & Confused would make my life! Also, getting to write about quirky emerging designers, artists and photographers day-in and day-out… what else could I possible wish for?

    Okay, so that’s about it!

    Thank you!


  5. lei ann

    my biggest dream i’m already realizing, so i’m very lucky…to travel when i can & see as much of the world as possible. so far, tokyo, bangkok, venice, barcelona, ibiza & remote islands in the philippines have been a part of that πŸ™‚ since i always photograph everywhere i’ve been, i’d love that new camera strap ^_^

  6. Melissa Cuentas

    My biggest dream…. Well, I’d like to get into the fashion industry, I like and love photography too, so if i don’t reach my goals as i’m planing them now, i wanna be a photographer or maybe a model, some people think i should enroll on this. but i’m not sure. i don’t know. Let’s just see what happen. πŸ™‚

    I’d like to get invitations for fashion weeks and meet with all my favorite bloggers.

    Anyway, β€œThey say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true”. -> I love this quote even i dream it more than once and i’m waiting for it to happen. Just waiting for the right time. I’m a person who was giving up to all the opportunities in the past, now I’m stronger and i’m not gonna give up, this is what i want and i’ll fight for it to get it.

  7. Amanda Knapp

    Hello independent fashion bloggers:),
    I love sharing my dreams with others, because I hope that one day my dreams can help people.
    I’m working towards a associates degree in arts and a bachelors degree in marketing, towards starting a clothing line that I can share with the world and have the proceeds go to helping people all over the world that need it. I love photography, because it captures those moments that you hope to never forget and capture the moments that you worked so hard to get to. I hope to travel the world to meet the people in need and capture the moments with my camera that I helped someone’s world become better.
    πŸ™‚ thank you for letting me share.
    Another fashion lover out to help the world.

  8. Samantha

    My dream is to be the best I can be. I have spent a lot of time wishing I was more like other people but have come to realise that there is no point. I am me and until I can be tickled pink with who that is, things might be tough. I dream of being confident, always creative, filled with self believe and humility, and the strength of a thousand diamonds.

  9. Kasidy

    What a great giveaway! My biggest dream is to find “Where our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet, we hear a further call.” β€” Frederick Buechner

    I do this in a couple ways. I love to dance and I want to teach others dance, as it has brought me so much joy and confidence. I know the pure elation I feel on the dance floor and I want to give others the tools to feel that too!One of my biggest dreams (which I’m working towards) is to teach dance all over the world.

    I want to be a part of a movement that promotes a culture of wellness for self, and also for community – which I try to do through my blog. Our generation gets labeled as being superficial, among a host of other things. I want us to to know that it’s ok to like style (I know I do, the proof is in my shrinking closet space), but I also want us to remember that there is more to us.
    My dream with my blogging is to grow and expand the volunteer opportunities provided through it. I want people writing to me from all over, telling me about the awesome work they’ve done in their own communities! I want to equip folks to make a difference, big or small, because they all count. And, of course, to remain stylish while doing so πŸ™‚

  10. Candice

    My dream is quite simple. I’d love a beautiful house on the countryside with my boyfriend, a dog, two cats, the house full of books, smelling of coffee and flowers, vinyls everywhere, a white desk with a giant inspiration board, a music studio for him, a bathtub, and love every single day of my life. To be honest, I don’t care about my future job, I know I’ll be happy as long as I’m with him and have his support. Maybe I’ll work as a webdesigner. That’d be thrilling.

    Thanks for this giveaway !

  11. Yasmeen @ Castle Fashion

    I was just telling my friend I have way too many goals and that’s why I accomplish none of them but here are my top top top tippity top goals πŸ˜›

    1. Publish a children’s book series with my boyfriend (and perhaps, if it’s successful enough) later turn it into a cartoon show.

    2. Design my own _______. Something. I love pretty much any kind of adornment. Coats. Shoes. Jewelry.

    3. Become a successful economic researcher. This one always surprises other bloggers; while I’m often perceived as mega creative/artsy etc. I have a weird side-penchant for economics and geography.

    4. Learn to cook really really well and have cooking parties πŸ˜›

    Anyway, I actually don’t have a decent camera so it would be silly for me to win but I felt like writing this stuff out. Maybe I’ll give it to my photography buddy πŸ˜› That would be a nice present. Good luck everyone!

    [email protected]

  12. Cam

    wow, amazing Giveaway .. hope it is open international! ..well, my biggest dreams .. I guess to just find the thing to do in life what I love most and create something myself and be happy! x

    fingers crossed!

  13. Jennifer

    I am a constant dreamer, but dreaming takes the sting out of life’s little disappointments.

    I dream that one day I can earn a living using my artistic abilities.

    I dream that I have my own little corner of the world to decorate, redecorate and rearrange furniture in.

    I dream that I can share that corner of the world with someone special who understands me and loves me the way I am.

    I dream that I will host fun parties every month and invite all the people I love to share in life’s greatest joys; food, friendship, love and laughter.

  14. MoniqueHasana

    My biggest dream has always been to get married and love someone for the rest of my life. Thanks for the giveaway. I am loving you on FB as Monique Jones

  15. Lyddiegal

    My biggest dreams… for a career, I want to work at a fashion magazine. For love… I want to meet my best friend, marry him, travel and take photos, forever.

    I like you on FB, and my email is chiclyddie at gmail dot com

    ps, did you announce the winner of the ona bag?

  16. davee ek

    my dreams? achieving my goals of working in the fashion industry as either a stylist or a publicist (or both) & to complete that dream, a beautiful house of my own to decorate in over-the-top Christmas decor during the Holidays. Phew… that was a long one.

    xx, Davee
    [email protected]

  17. Carissa Andrea Thrush

    My biggest dreams are to do something with my life that matters to me. I see people all around me going to college, and getting high paying jobs they hate, just to impress their parents, or live a comfortable life, etc, and that’s ok, if that makes you happy. I want to do something that makes me happy. That when I wake up in the morning, i’ll be excited for the day, and be comfortable in my skin, and in my life. I love to photograph things, and to write. I’d love to visit other countries, and meet new people, and have life changing experiences. I’d love to go to fashion week, at least once, and photograph it, and write about it. Anything that makes me feel, i’d love to experience!
    [email protected]

  18. Roman Morales

    Mmmm one of my biggest dreams in life is actually become a stylist! And I would like to design menswear in a near future! I love fashion and everything that revolves around it… I think I’m a great model scout and I would loooove to do that also!

  19. Lily

    To be self employed, successfully self employed. I am working on it!

    lovecharlesvintage at gmail dot com

  20. Annie Streater

    My dream is to be able to spend every day of my life doing something I love. Whether that be travelling somewhere, creating something I’m proud of, helping people in some way through my words or ideas, or even just spending a day doing nothing but stare up at the clouds with someone I care about, I want to make every day count for something. I want to be in a place where each day, I can honestly say “today was a great day. I did something wonderful today”.

    Life is precious and it’s important that we enjoy ourselves and have something to show for it when we’re gone. So my wish is that I be able to find beauty and hope in each day, and to be able to share the best of those days with the world, through words or pictures. And maybe – just maybe – that will help them find beauty and hope around them, too, and inspire them to follow their own dreams.

    Enjoy life, share it, and make a difference in the world. One day at a time.

  21. Queenie Chong

    I truely believe that all of us are able to dream. Queenie Chamber ( is my dream. My life was messy at past decade, I just wasting my day working blindly with no target. After I become blogger, I set a goal for myself every stage of life and make myself to achieve it. Life never be better if I can see my transformation to be the better one. Lets all of us figure out the dream in mind and seize it your with your hands! πŸ™‚


  22. NiCole

    What a coincidence. All my life I have always loved taking pictures with the dream of being a photographer. I would take photos at parties, holidays, at work, at home, anytime or any place that captured my eye. And about 9 months ago, I decided to pursue my dream and become what I always wanted. I have been blessed with great opportunities already and still get all tingly inside when I think about where my dream can take me. For me, being able to capture a smile, a memory, or a moment is priceless. A moment in time captured in a photograph.

    This giveaway is bit personal for me as it pertains to my dream….one that if I win will remind me of a gift I was given to share with others.

    Thank you.

  23. Mani

    I’m indecisive, and having a set goal never seems to work out for me… but corny as it is, I dream of living life to the full. That way when I look back, I can think my life was truly one worth living.

    The truth is I’ll probably never be satisfied once I’ve fulfilled a goal, and I’ve always wanted to stop delaying happiness until I’ve achieved it. That’s all my dream is, really!

  24. Justine H.

    Oh my, I fantasize about my future a lot. There’s tons of dreams I would list down! The main ones would be: having someone to share my world with, living in a place where I could see the whole world, and a life that I could look back at and say, “I’d live it again.”

    I liked on FB!
    justeena_25 at yahoo dot ca

  25. Jonas Deweer

    As I’m a fashion blogger, I like sharing my point of view with people who understand what I’m talking about. On my blog I focus on alternative, high-quality brands and magazines, and that’s what I’d like to work with too, later. I dream of being an editor at, for example, “Fantastic Man”, “WAD Magazine”, “CODE Magazine” etc. I dream of going to the fashion weeks. Not only New York, London, Paris and Milan but also Stockholm, Berlin, Tokyo, Amsterdam,.. because I feel those are becoming the new fashion capitals. And I also dream of winning a Toyko Dreamer Camera Strap. πŸ˜‰

    x Yunes

  26. Rachel Larson

    I will begin with the obvious. My dream is to have a successful fashion blog of course! Ok, moving on from there…

    I have always had a dream of openning my own store. The ideas for the store have changed over the years and have finally set on a mixture of them all. My sister and I would like to open a local spot here in Phoenix, AZ. What I have noticed since I’ve moved here 8 years ago, is that the city really lacks community. I want to create an outlet for local talent. We would showcase local products(primarily clothing, accessories, smaller items and artwork). On top of that I want to have a place for local talent to come and sing, play their instruments, be-bop, poetry, talk, educate…whatever they are into. There would be a small stage with couches and tables and a very mini coffee bar for people to enjoy the local talent in all shapes and forms. I truly feel it would help bring together people who don’t have the capital or venue to showcase their hardwork adequately.
    I am about to have my second child, and I picture myself and my family running the store together. I can see the kids coming in after school, working on their homework at the store and really getting to know what art and creation is all about.

    So there you have it. My dream in a nutshell. Thank you.

  27. sooji

    Thanks again for the opportunity! I really hope to be the best that I can be, I know it’s a cliche mantra but I want to live a full life, one that I can look back to without the feelings of regret

  28. Jessica

    My biggest dream is to have the means – and the time – to travel everywhere that captures my fancy. (And, of course, take many pictures along the way!)

  29. Melissa | insheepsclothes

    My biggest dream of having a family is coming true in just a couple of months (yikes, already!), so I guess an extension of that would be to have my children grow up to be independent, loving people and find true love without too much heartbreak.

    I would love to be a stylist or personal shopper and get more exposure for my blog.

    Sometime in the future it would be great to finally get my novel published!

    Thanks IFB!

  30. Emily biggest dream would have to be to end up doing something that I love doing and not dreaming about doing something else. Right now i struggle with deciding to go in the direction of fashion/blogging/social media or the direction college is leading me with psychology which I love as well! Liking on facebook as well!
    Loved this giveaway question!

  31. Laura S

    My biggest is dream is to be happy, which relates to my other biggest dreams – becoming a successful museum curator and falling/being in love. World peace would be nice, too.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! πŸ™‚
    – Laura S / [email protected]

  32. Sydney

    My career dreams include a rocking “real world” job as development director, I would love to score a huge grant for my company, but for my fashion career I want to have as many freelance jobs as possible, like EHolmes!

  33. Flor

    One of my biggest dreams is to live for once in my life in NYC.
    It is an amazing city, and I just want to live there for a year in my life.
    Then, well, the usual, get married, have kids…
    And also became a great writer.
    But well, I should start writting to get there… haha

    Hope to win πŸ™‚

  34. mARIANA

    my biggest dream is to be the happier as i could, everyday πŸ™‚ and for that i have to have my camera with me…always πŸ˜‰

  35. Chloe Weare

    My main dream in life is to smile have fun and leave my footprints in the world of fashion
    x x x

  36. Eli

    Hope I’m not too late for this (love Photojojo!) My biggest dreams and aspirations is to finish my library degree so I can work in a public library helping the underserved (children, spanish speakers, elderly, and more) get the most out of their library experience to enrich their lives and not be left behind.

  37. Anne

    I’m a stay at home mom now (first dream come true ;)).

    But beyond that, my biggest dreams is to have my Etsy and Stella & Dot businesses flourish and succeed. And to hopefully help my husband’s dreams of becoming a successful photographer come true. (He’s expanding and working on his portfolio right now.)

  38. Kerri

    My biggest dreams include making my living by writing (primarily) and teaching (sometimes), instead of what I do now, which is teach (all the time) and write (for free). I also want to travel to the Andes, Amazon, across Europe, and Alaska for the joy of expanding my horizons, but also as a way to work on improving my photography skills. Going to Paris goes without saying. And yes, I would love to go to the major fashion shows and look good while shooting them.

  39. Katie Skull

    My biggest dreams are to finish graduate school and move to a bigger city to find a related job in my field! I’m halfway through my program right now, but the moving part is the most exciting part to look forward to!


  40. Brigid

    1. Careerwise, I would love to work for a fashion magazine. Lifewise, I want to move to the south and travel the world. Lovewise- well, I just want something to happen!
    2. I liked it πŸ™‚
    3. [email protected]

  41. Victoria

    my biggest dream is so save the world. people call me a dreamer, but seriosly, I believe it’s just as possible as everything else.

  42. Jeemah Villaverde

    my ultimate goal?.. to take and life each day one step at a time! We only live better grab every opportunity in life and take as many pictures as possible! Yes I’m one of the thousands budding photogs.. and I would love to take that journey one step at a time πŸ™‚

  43. Dee Dee

    My biggest dreams are to truly live a happy life, go after my every single dream and encourage those around me to do the exact same. Dream! Dream! Dream!

  44. Gwynne

    Great giveaway – those straps look awesome and oh so fun!

    I can’t lie – right now my dreams are to find my path in life [on leave from uni…figuring out my next move is so stressful!]. In the grand scheme of things; I want to travel, be with friends/family I love, and have a job which allows me to always push the limits!

  45. Tine

    I would LOVE to be a travel photographer and/or travel the world and have my own show on the Travel Channel. I would be so much funnier (and chic-er) than Samantha Brown :-/

    ps. I liked IFB on Facebook!

    xo Tine

  46. Janis

    My biggest dreams… to just live a happy, fulfilled life full of friends, fun and of course fashion. To eventually blog full-time, sharing what I love with the world!

  47. Sharon Gibson

    Hey guys just realised what the giveaway end date was, however its a little unfair as I only received the link to the comp today and your other updates aeound 5.08 uk time if you need proof let me know.Thanks. Sharon

  48. Luiza

    Is this contest open internationally? I sure hope so.

    I have to admit that my ultimate dream is to have my own business, which is my own brand of clothes.

    But first, I`ve gotta fulfill another dream: Leave Law School and start Fashion Design School. That`s not gonna be easy on my family.

    Next, is to leave my boring administrative job and start a fabulous fashion designer career. The rest will unfold as I walk towards my future!

    Those are the dreams of a Brazilian Girl.

  49. Mary

    Beautiful! I have so many big dreams… besides the dream of being a mother, I’d have to say my biggest dream is to succeed and live off my art (writing and/or performing). I’ve been working towards it for 6 years now and I will continue working towards it always.

  50. The Awesome Lady

    1. To live by the seaside, in a small village in Wales I adore so much.
    2. To drive a VW campervan. I’m a real sucker for vintage!
    3. To have a successful blog. For real!

  51. Katherine Goins

    I want to get somewhere, whether it be in fashion, photography, graphic design, or PR. I have a lot of dreams, a lot of plans. But my biggest dream? To fall in love.