IFB’s Top 10 To Follow During #NYFW

My heart is thumping, my fingers are jittery and my entire closet is at the dry cleaner. This can only mean one thing: New York Fashion Week is coming. And in this age of social media overload, there's no reason to fret if you're not part of the glitterati that attends shows around the globe.


Many of your favorite editors and bloggers are very vocal on Twitter, and share their hits, misses and adventures as they attend shows and hang out with other fabulous people. To stay in the know (and feel almost like you're a part of the action) IFB recommends you follow these 10 personalities. Some are IFBcon panelists, some are just plain hooked up!


IFB's 10 To Follow on Twitter During #NYFW:



  • “If websites could talk (or eat, for that matter) this is the one we'd want to have lunch with. – Entertainment Weekly” That's what their Twitter bio says, and we couldn't agree more, that pretty much sums it up!


  • Follow Bryanboy for his off-the-cuff tweets, major insider access and how much fun he and @rumineely seem to have together.


  • From her ‘About' page on her blog, I think this is a great way to sum up what she's about:  “My love of fashion was initially an act of rebellion against my parents and the ‘popular' people at school – which then developed into something all consuming and now is my number one passion.”


  • She's French, she's a photographer and blogger, and she's dating @TheSartorialist. Her quirky thoughts, amazing access and gorgeous photos make her blog and Twitter a must-follow.


  • Nina Garcia, Fashion Director and Marie Claire, Project Runway judge and social media maven is a must-follow. She tweets, she Tumblrs and she's all over Pinterst too!


  • The online fashion hub of New York Magazine, The Cut is a must for anyone looking for comprehensive NYFW coverage, links to full articles, every look from every show, and all the gossip on the side.


  • Joe Zee, Creative Director at ELLE magazine, was IFBcon's keynote speaker last year – and he's one of the best and most genuine voices on Twitter. He shares reviews and photos right from the front row, and attends every party you wish you could go to.


  • He's the Editorial Director of Paper Magazine, and a real character on social media. Great coverage, great personality – what more could you ask for?


  • Refinery29 covers fashion week the way you hope your best friend would. They have a great Instagram account and one of the best eyes on street style throughout the week.


  • We love Mr. Newton's amazing eye when it comes to shooting street style, but we also love how his quirky and fun personality comes out on Twitter. He jaunts between show locations (and he'll tell you where) snapping well-dressed attendees and revelers.


Who are your favorite Twitter fashionalities? For an insanely comprehensive break down of fashion bloggers, models, editors and publications on Twitter, check out John Jannuzzi‘s round up on LuckyMag.com.


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  1. Laura S

    I love following Coco Rocha! She has twitter, facebook, Pose, I think she has instagram, she has tumblr…
    She’s also really funny!