6 Tips for Increasing Your Traffic from Pinterest

6 tips for increasing your blog traffic with pinterest

By now we’re all getting pretty familiar with Pinterest, the surprisingly addictive image bookmarking site. If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet – check it out here. Lately, it seems that a new article shows up on our radar everyday touting the sites ability to drive traffic. This is true for business, but is it true for blogs? I did a little digging and came up with a few great tips to help increase traffic from Pinterest to your blog.


Here are IFB’s 6 Tips for Increasing Your Traffic from Pinterest


1. Get your own Pinterest account and start pinning your own blog images. Follow your favorite brands and bloggers and repin their pins too. Each time you repin something it shows up in the mini news-feed, giving you a little extra exposure. Just don’t get crazy with it, no one likes a Pinterest spammer.


2. Make sure your content is “pinable”.  You want to use large images – not too many attached together vertically, and no tiny images.


3. Consider adding a watermark with your blog URL to your original images, so that if they are pinned they can easily be traced back to you.


4. Give your pins short, catchy descriptions that include important keywords and tags (colors, items, etc.) so they will be found easily in a search.


5. Don’t forget your older content. Check out your blog archives for great images you’ve posted in the past and give them new life on Pinterest.


6. Add a “Pin-It” button to your posts. This is slightly more advanced and takes a little coding. But the first step is to visit www.pintrest.com/goodies and scroll down to “Pin It” Button for Websites. Fill in your blog URL and the image URL you’d like people to be able to pin from that post, copy the code it generates and paste at the very bottom of the HTML code of your post. (Blogger and WordPress both let you toggle between the HTML editor and the visual editor.) It is also possible to set the Pin It Button up to automatically appear in every post using the advanced code. Here's a tutorial you can use to add the pin-it button to your blog!


Is Pinterest driving any traffic to your blog? What tricks do you use when pinning? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. PvdH

    Great article!

    I actually joined Pinterest last week because I have seen a lot of my traffic actually coming from Pinterest (a bit the other way around).

    It seems that my fashion illustrations have been pinned by readers and it seems like (yet another) great way to engage and share beautiful things.



  2. Marche' Robinson

    I completely agree with all of these suggestions. Also, if you know a certain brand pins bloggers in their clothes, be sure to tweet them when you tweet about outfit posts. Gap, for example has a pinterest board for people in their clothes.


  3. Emmy

    I’m probably the only blogger on the planet that doesn’t have a Pinterest account. Will check it out now.

    • Denise

      Emmy, you’re not alone! I get a lot of incoming traffic from it but didn’t look into having my own account because frankly I didn’t see the point as my blog is a collection of beautiful images, many original works of mine, and so serves the same purpose. But Crissie’s made me reconsider it for promotion which I will only do if I enjoy it and others can as well – thanks Crissie!

  4. StingyStyle

    I’m not a personal style blogger, but Pinterest has been good for affiliate sponsoring. I pin products I like and the links are coded back to me so I earn every time people purchase an item I have on my Pinterest.

  5. the sparkle (@erincg)

    pinterest has been a BIG traffic generator to for me… and i’ve actually been doing exactly as you’ve suggested above. the most success comes when it’s an image that i’ve pinned from my site, not re-pinned from other users or other sites.

    it’s also worthwhile to mention that in order to get the traffic back to the page the photo came from on your site, you need to be on the permalink page the photo is on, not the homepage. it will give ppl what they want when they click the photo from pinterest.


    i would LOVE a tutorial on adding the ‘pin it’ button

  6. Christina @ Hair Romance

    Pinterest has been my number one traffic source for the last two months. I agree with all your tips and especially the sparkle’s tip about pinning from each post rather than the homepage of your blog.
    Going back and pinning images from all my previous blog posts was time consuming but worthwhile.

  7. Pete Stean

    Thanks for this Crissie – I’m not sure I would be too concerned about watermarking images unless you’re worried about image theft online more generally (and I would suggest that if you are, don’t put anything bigger than thumbnails online…)

    When people re-pin it’s obvious what the original source of the image was – and I think I’m right in saying that a click on that image will take you back to the source anyway? Unless that is they’ve deliberately ‘stolen’ it of course – if they’ve done that they clearly don’t understand what Pinterest is all about so I wouldn’t worry about them…

    • the sparkle (@erincg)

      i disagree. a lot of times people copy and paste the photo from pinterest for use on their blogs, tumblr etc. i know that many bloggers use it as a source for photos and don’t always give credit to the original source. that’s technically “stealing” but happens a lot.
      in these cases, a watermark would help source the image and keep your name out there and visible. it’s a marketing tool as much as an anti-theft device.

  8. Sandra

    Absolutely love pining. I’ve found some great blogs just pinning their images to my boards. It really is such an amazing concept. Now I don’t need to flood my desktop with images I want to save for later!


  9. Célèste

    I just wish I didn’t have to add code for each image I want to pin. I don’t get enough page views for that to be worth the time.

  10. Célèste

    I wonder when Pinterest is going to get more popular globally. I was surprised when Andy Torres said she hadn’t heard of it at IFB Con. Also, Chiara Ferragni belongs to something similar called Pinspiration or something but not to Pinterest. They’ve grown so quickly in the US and other English-speaking countries, but I’d still like to see them become more popular in Europe.

    • PvdH

      You have to remember that someone like Chiara perhaps gets paid to use something like Pinspiration… and bloggers like Andy no longer need to drive traffic into their blog.

  11. January

    I joined Pinterest a few months ago and LOVE it. I have never used it to post my own blog pictures, but may need to start!

    A tutorial on how to add the “Pin It” button would be fantastic!

  12. Chandra MoMoMod

    My blog has seen an increase in traffic via Pinterest. My main regret is not making my handle match my blog’s name. However, since my blog is dedicated to Modest Fashion I simply dedicated a blog to Modest Fashion and pin my blog’s images there. I checked my stats today and I had 30 hits via Pinterest.

    I’m going to start watermarking my photos because it’s an easy way to redirect people back to your blog should someone not pin it directly from a blog post.

  13. garconniere

    i’m kind of surprised at how overwhelmingly positive this post is. yes, pinterest is becoming increasingly popular, but that doesn’t mean that’s a good thing, or that all fashion bloggers should adopt it.

    i started using pinterest and was astounded at how normal it is for things to be posted without credit. after many frustrating hunts for original sources, i became quickly discouraged… and after reading the terms of service, of COURSE it’s going to be swamped with images like that.

    also, most of the things posted from my blog and tumblr were credited to my blog… but with no credit for the photographer, model, artist, date, etc. this is a little bit of a pet peeve, since i don’t post anything to tumblr without an original source. even if i took the time to post the image with credit, it’s just pinned back to my tumblr… http://pinterest.com/source/garconniere.tumblr.com/

    also, i just came across this article which

    am i the only one with reservations about pinterest?

    • alicia

      I agree – this is the same reason why I don’t like Tumblr. Too many images are posted without regard to ownership.

    • the sparkle (@erincg)

      i love your critical way of thinking. i find that bloggers are quick to jump on any bandwagon that is mentioned or encouraged… but questioning these types of things is a great thing.

  14. Ava

    Great article! My traffic has picked up since I began pinning. Make sure your boards are properly categorized so that those looking for at fashion, or in my case beauty photos, can find your pins.

  15. Marsha @ Splenderosa

    Yes, a tutorial. I love Pinterest but have not posted my blog to it, what a great idea. I usually pin items to Pinterest that I didn’t use on my blog. But, hey…LOVE your idea !!

  16. Natalia

    Awesome tips! I just joined Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/dreamlander/ follow me! :p) and haven’t measured its potential yet.

    I have a question which is a bit off topic – how do I watermark my pictures? (I am on blogger) I don’t want to sound stupid, but I really have no clue. If anybody could help, I’ll be grateful!

    • Ava

      I use the text function in Word Paint to write the name of my blog on photos before insert my them into a post. Picnick, the photo editor in Flickr also has a text function, but it’s going away in April. I would love to know of other web-based programs.

  17. Christina

    Nice post! I have been using Pinterest as outlined in the post for a while now. In the past two months I have seen my traffic surge thanks to Pinterest. I love it! 🙂

  18. Natalie

    Love the tips above but not convinced on the watermarking. I wouldn’t repin a watermarked photo, I think they look naff (can’t think of a better word that suits in this instance!). Everything is so shareable these days, I wonder whether watermarking is a bit dated, do we have to accept that our images are going to be shared to some extent. (no publicity is bad publicity?)

    • Ava

      Internet thieves frequently steal blog posts along with the photos. It’s hard to prevent these thefts, so if your posts are stolen, at least you get some credit for your hard work if your photos are watermarked.

  19. the mannikin

    Pinterest has been a huge help in traffic boosting! Aside from Facebook, one of the top sources. I would love to know how to get the Pin It Button to automatically go under every post!! Thanks xo

  20. Tessa

    Fab article

    I had never thought of using it to drive traffic to my blog – i only every used it for reference and inspiration.

    I have now decided that i will ‘pin’ a picture from each blog post and see what difference that makes.


  21. Stella

    I am so glad this social network is being featured on IFB! I discovered Pinterest about two weeks ago and thought it was such a fabulous idea! Unique indeed although it does have some tumblr and weheartit qualities- not that, that’s a bad thing or anything!- but, wow! Such an awesome website!

  22. Prudent Ally

    I love to have a tutorial available!! I’m so addicted to Pinterest, and would love to mash it, and my blog together!! Such a helpful article!!

  23. Maggie

    Yes, could you please do an advanced tutorial? I have tried so hard to make it word on my blog, but it just won’t appear under every post. It is so annoying!!

  24. Carmia Cronje

    I get more traffic from Pinterest from other people who’ve pinned my printable stationery. I would love to see a tutorial on a Pin It button! Thanks for the helpful article.

  25. Sophie-Marie

    Hey there! It would be extremely useful to have a tutorial on how to add the pin button permanently to the HTML code. Can you also tell us how to add the FB like/share and Tweet, and also perhaps the signature html code? (I feel like I’m asking too much, LOL!).
    Thank you so much!

  26. Denise

    I finally joined thanks to your post, but I am wary about putting my watermark on the original images. Looking at the Pinterest homepage, I imagined what it would look like if even a few people did that and it would ruin the look. I get the feeling it’s a big assumed no-no. I think the link back is enough in terms of self-promotion, as is your user name, and this maintains the clean look of the site which is what I think attracts people in the first place.

  27. Sheena

    I would love a tutorial on how to put the pinterest button at the bottom of every post! Thanks for all the helpful information!

  28. martha

    it hasn’t worked out for me, I lack the patience and find it very hard to navigate, but then again I’m more of a flickr person 🙂 I’m sure it works fine for others though 🙂

  29. Alyssa

    I started using Pinterest not too long ago, and have slowly fallen in love with it. It’s more interesting to me to see what everyone else is pinning 🙂


  30. Wessel

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  31. xoxoCat

    I find that to get any real benefit out of pinterest, you really have to find eclectic pictures on the internet – ones that aren’t so mainstream. But it does drive traffic to sites, as long as you have a lot of pinned photos.