IFB Project #33 Round-Up:

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Now that #IFBCON has passed (tear!) it's time to showcase your #IFBCON outfits that you shared with me for last week's IFB Project #33.


You all might not have been at the actual conference but you definitely brought out your wardrobe's finest for this project. Some of you wore bold colors, others added a hefty amount of shine and a handful of you went touch girlie with chic dresses. This was definitely a project that let you work your styling magic and a lot of you really made an effort! Here is just a handful of the submissions that I thought were pretty and unique.

IFB Project #33 Round-Up:


1. Vita Beata Est wore her floral best.

2. Angel Court Jewels donned her leather jacket and fabulous bright skirt.

3.  Voguish blended green and gold beautifully.

4. Monique Lund seriously rocked sequinned shorts.

5. Denise's Dressing Room made her own shift dress. Yes, made!

To view the rest of the submissions, click here.

Thanks everyone for participating in this great project. I loved seeing what your #ifbcon outfits and hope you all got inspired too!

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