IFB Project #34: Spread Love for Valentines Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. It might be corny but I kind of love this holiday. Pink, red, candy, flowers. Even if you are without a beau, it can still be a fun day to celebrate the love in general. This week, I want you to work on spreading love to the blogging community and to your own blog as well. Let's face it, we can focus so much on the negative but for one day, just focus on the positive by sharing love.


IFB Project #34: Spread Love for Valentine's Day


In honor of Valentine's Day, focus on the love and share what makes you happy for this week's project. Write a poem, take a photo, make a video, we are giving you free reign! Whatever you want to use, go for it. This project is all about creativity, positivity and most importantly, LOVE! We don't take enough time to sit down and truly appreciate what we do so, for just this one day, take a moment and reflect upon what you love.


Submit your links here! And happy (almost) Valentine's Day!

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47 Responses

  1. Alexandra

    This year I am on such an emotional high, that I couldn’t help but go all out for Valentine’s Day!! I just returned home from NYFW and IFBCon with a new level of passion and excitement about my work, and I am so grateful for the love I’m receiving from my friends, family and long-time, long-distance love, K.

    This girl is feelin’ the love, and it’s gooood!!!



  2. January

    We incorporated our kids in Valentine’s Day and started a new tradition! And, of course, I put my outfit together especially for the holiday! 🙂