2012 IFB Con Wrap-up

With the flurry of #IFBCON buzz slowly passing by, we wanted to give you a quick wrap-up, hitting all the hits and favorite moments of the event.

Fact: the conference completely us away. From the panelists to the attendees, we couldn't have expected such a great turnout. The panels were jampacked with the best industry leaders and they all offered their insight and tips for bloggers, giving inspiration for all #IFBCON attendees. Did you walk away from the conference with a crazy amount of motivation? Cause we sure did!

If you weren't able to make it to New York, we hope you were able to catch the LiveStream or kept up-to-date with our Twitter stream. If you were glued to your Twitter stream, you probably saw the #IFBCON tweets that were literally flooding the screen, making us one of the most buzzworthy topics on Twitter that day!


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This year's conference was our favorite and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of our sponsors, followers and supporters!

Panel 1: What Are Blogger's Worth

As bloggers have become a major figure in major marketing campaigns, this panel focused on educating bloggers on how to market yourself and your blog.  Glamour‘s Susan Cernek, Denimology‘s Jessie Thorpe,  La Carmina‘s Carmina.  I Spy DIY‘s Jenni Radosevich, Corporette‘s Kat Griffin and Lifebooker‘s Lauren Tesar discussed the high's and lows of negotiating, establishing mutually beneficial relationships and making yourself attractive to brands. Understanding your value and managing your partnerships with retailers, brands and advertising networks can be intimidating but these panelists helped shed light on this emerging hot topic.

Panel 2: Media Goes Mobile

Was it shocking for anyone that our Media Goes Mobile panel was one of the most chatty and engaged panels at the conference? With personalities like @DKNY‘s Aliza Licht, BryanBoy.com‘s Bryan Boy, Tom & Lorenzo‘s Tom & Lorenzo, Fashionablymarketing.me‘s Macala Wright and Style Musee‘s Karen Moon on board, the panel discussed the reach and power of social media and how bloggers can better engage with their community. Hot topics for this panel were which using social media to use and how to cultivate your online personality to match your blog. So many of our attendees raved about this panel and asked engaging questions about how to create active communities. Make sure to check the Q/A portion- it is a must-see!

Panel 3: Your Blog, Your Dream or Just the Beginning

The question on everyone's mind at the conference was: how can I become a professional blogger? Taking your blog from a personal style diary to a full-time job can be tricky but thankfully, our panelists offered exclusive insight into making that bold leap.  Cupcakes & Cashmere's Emily Schuman, Sartorially Inclined‘s Lawrence Scholssman, Street Etiquette‘s Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumb, Farpitzs‘s Sara Zucker, Fashionista‘s Leah Chernikoff, Fashion Traffic‘s Hilla Ohayon shared their own personal experiences about how their blogs have changed their lives and ultimately became their careers. So many of you had great questions for our panelists too, and they all enjoyed discussing how to make the professional leap for you aspiring bloggers.

Panel 4: Making Your Blog Irresistible

Last but certainly not least, the 4th panel was definitely THE panel of the conference. What makes super-star blogs so enticing? Why do we keep coming back post after post? P.S. –  I Made This's Erica Domesek,  Wendy’s Lookbook‘s Wendy Nguyen, Refinery 29‘s Connie Wang, Style Scrapbook‘s Andy Torres, Nicolette Mason and Bauble Bar‘s Grace Atwood discussed what makes for quality content and how to build a loyal audience. After hearing this panel's lively debate, every blogger can walk away from the conference with a better understanding of what it takes to create a truly unique blog in today’s highly-saturated market.

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Again, we owe you all a big thanks for coming and supporting the event. If you want to see footage from the conference, head to the LiveStream, visit our Facebook for the conference's complete photo album and stay tuned to our YouTube channel for conference uploads. Why not subscribe and never miss a YouTube upload?
Photo by Dustin Fenstermacher ©2012 Dustin Fenstermacher. All rights reserved.

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  1. Alexandra

    What an AMAZING day it was!! Thank you for all the hard work you put in to make such a wonderful event! Can’t wait for the next conference!



  2. kiley

    fabulous day – thanks for another inspiring and helpful conference! loved having lots of time between panels to mingle and chat – that time is just as valuable as hearing the panelists!

  3. Carol

    Thank you so much for putting the conference together. I watched it all day on live stream. Thank you for providing that jewel! This recap is perfect. Thanks.

  4. MsK_NY

    Kudos – the event was great! I watched some of the panels online and I was so impressed. Great content, great people, great inspiration!