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Even with New York Fashion Week steamrolling through our regular weekly plans, causing gloriously stylish chaos throughout the internets – we're still obsessing over last Wednesday's IFB Conference. This was my second conference, but the first one that I had a major roll in helping to plan, organize and execute. I felt so connected to everything going on, from the panels to the sponsors to the bloggers who attended. I had an absolute blast navigating the audience meeting so many of you and picking up tid-bits of knowledge from our speakers. Luckily, it seems you all had a really wonderful time this year as well! Here is just a taste of some of the feedback we've gotten about this season's conference:


“The panel I was on about monetizing your blog was really interesting. Even I learned something. Afterwards I loved meeting some of my readers – 14 and 16 year old girls who told me they loved my blog – it was so fun. I found it amazing to listen to Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere talk about her whole process and to know that she's now in her dream job. And me leaving my full-time job to doing this (I Spy DIY) full time I also feel like I'm in my dream career, so it's cool to see other people doing that, too.” – Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY


“IFBcon was so much fun! It was so nice to meet some of my favorite bloggers in person and to reconnect with some of my blogger friends. Being surrounded by so much passion and talent was just exhilarating, and I can't wait for the next one!” – Dana Forman, What The Frock


I had such a lovely time at the IFB Conference last week. The room was full of stylish women (and a few men, to boot!), who were all excited to learn and grow their businesses and blogs. The energy was incredible….and then the panels started. Some of the most incredible bloggers in the business got up on stage and shared their success secrets. The common theme of the panels was to stay authentic to yourself, your style, your ideas. Nobody wants to see a copy of someone else's blog. All in all, it inspired me to reach out to some new friends, and create some new columns on my blog. What a wonderful day! – Julia Argenti, Lemons and Loafers


“The conference was a phenomenal resource for us bloggers who want to both mingle with other bloggers AND educate ourselves to be better at what we do. DKNY PR Girl is a rockstar. We clearly need a rep from Pinterest at the next conference. Lots of tangible bits of information to takeaway i.e. importance of editorial calendar, media kits, pinterest. Want more panels with that kind of advise rather than the more intellectual “be authentic” messages that we've heard so much of.” – Shauna Miller, Penny Chic


“The IFB conference was worth the money and a must for any blogger who is looking for inspiration and connecting with like minded individuals. It was my first time at IFB and my first time going to a blogger conference. I wasn't sure what to expect as I went alone, but I instantly made friends. What a warm, intelligent and very fashionbable group of people IFB attracts. – Melissa Middleton, Jenesequa


I spoke to so many of you at the conference, and your feedback was really uplifting and made all our hard work so worthwhile. If you were at the conference, watched the livestream or kept up with all the action via Twitter, won't you let us know your thoughts in the comments below? The more feedback we get from our community, the better each conference will be!

Until next season…

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  1. the clothing menu

    I wasn’t able to get down to NYC for the conference, but was able to follow along online through the livestream and following the hashtag on Twitter, which made me almost feel like I was there! I loved that this conference focused on the future and what’s next, while hearing from a range of bloggers and brands who are paving the way. The Q&A was also helpful. Maybe one suggestion for next time may be to allow more questions from online or to ask for questions for the panelists ahead of time. Overall great job though!

  2. Jazmin

    As a new blogger I really found IFBCon very helpful. I walked away with so much knowledge of the blogging world and It definitely had me thinking about the content of my blog and where I want to take. One suggestion I do have for future IFBCon’s is maybe making it smaller. When I say smaller I mean more intimate, for networking purposes. It was a bit overwhelming.

    Overall though, I really enjoyed myself, and met SOO many wonderfully stylish individuals. I will take what I learned at IFBCon (be creative, be original, make connections, know your worth, oh and DON’T show your nipples! haha) to heart. Thank you IFB for a wonderful event and experience!

    xo Jazmin

  3. Wendy

    I was able to watch via Livestream and tweet tidbits of what was going on. The panels were very inspiration and helpful. Thank you so much for this event, I know it took a lot of work, and it was much appreciated! Looking forward to the next IFBcon.

  4. Alicia

    This was my first IFB Con and I have to say it far surpassed my expectations. The panels were insightful and inspiring – as were the other bloggers I had the pleasure of meeting. And I really have to commend you on the choice of panelists and selection of resources who were present at the conference. I made so many valuable connections that I never could have imagined. I’m glad I made the decision to go and look forward to the next one. Thanks for everything! (And thanks to the sponsors for our great swag!!)