Fashion Gets Social at #NYFW

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, it's not just the runway presentations that I look forward to. Meeting bloggers and learning more about their fashion week experiences is a highlight of this week.

In between shows and events, the IFB team was able to chat with fashion bloggers about surviving New York Fashion Week, what social media apps they use and more.

What are your fashion week survival essentials?

“Flats or flat boots- They are a must! Battery charger, camera, snacks are also in my purse right now. ” – HonestlyWTF

“I always keep a pair of flats in my bag. I carry a ridiculous over-sized bag because while you are out, you end up picking swag and treats along the way. Also, I carry sharpies with my name on it, I Spy DIY, and give them out to people I meet so people remember who I am and go back to my website. It's a crafty little tool!”- Jenni Radosevich

How do you use social media when you are at shows or at events?

“We use Instagram alot! We like to Instagram 3-5 photos for each show because it's really important to show our readers what's going on visually at these shows. Plus, we also live-tweet the shows.” – Honestly WTF

“I'm a very visual person so I like using Instagram. I like having a visual stream and share them.” – Nicolette Mason

“Facebook, twitter, and Instagram! I use them all.” – Kassandra

“I am a big fan of Twitter, and I like to be tweeting out about what I am doing and where I'm going. Also Instagram is a must. It's instant gratification in terms of producing visual content. You can see  the runway shows, and what people are wearing. It's great.” – Jenni Radosevich

What's the best part about using social media during fashion week?

Fashion week is definitely a whirlwind so I use social media to stay up-to-date. I use Hootsuite to keep all my streams hooked up and it literally saves my life.” – Krystal Bick

“With social media, it's so easy to share and send information or photos from the runway to my readers and colleagues. Getting them in real-time makes my life so much easier.” – Nicolette Mason

photo by Crissie Fuller

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