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Last week, the fine folks at Milk Studios introduced their “Made Fashion Week” app, the social media application that delivers users front-row access to Milk's presentations and runway shows. Designer information, pictures and more are in the palm of the user's hands and we were one of the first to try it out.

What's our verdict?

With it's sleek design and easy user interface, the MADE Fashion Week App is one of our favorites and the ultimate tool for fashion bloggers who report from the runway.

Since we aren't celebrities or models (we totally missed our calling), we aren't the lucky few to sit front row so getting the best views of outfits is tricky. However, thanks to this app, we were given the best pictures in real-time, meaning we were able to see the clothes up-close and personal while also experiencing the runway show. It was the best of both worlds!

Another MADE Fashion Week feature we enjoyed was the sharing tool. You could either tweet or email your favorite look to another user, making it easier for you to discuss shows and designers with friends and colleagues.

As a fashion blogger, reporting form the fashion runway can be extremely stressful. So much content, so many deadlines! I often wish I could be more organized but when it comes to managing my fashion week schedule, I'm a mess. Because of my disorganized self, I thought the MADE Fashion Week app was a lifesaver. Future fashion app developers take note: this is the one you need to beat!

It gave me all the information I needed to produce better content at a quicker pace.

IFB Review:


Great for keeping on top of schedule

high picture quality

Short loading time

Easy to share

Readily available designer bios


It doesn't save pictures for later use- only available at show

The Tweeting format isn't the easiest (i.e. shortened links aren't available)

What do you think about the app? Even if you aren't reporting from the front row, are here certain features you would consider absolute mandatory?

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