IFB Project #34 Roundup: Spread the Love


Another Valentine's Day has come and gone, leaving unwrapped candies and soon-to-be-wilting flowers on your desk. While I try to figure out just exactly where those candies went (there must be a house thief in my place), here's the round-up from last week's Valentine's Day inspired post. I asked you to spread the love by sharing those little things that make you happy. More positivity, less negativity! That's the motto for blogging this year, right?

From videos to cookies, I had a blast browsing through your submissions for the IFB Project #34. I may not have a special Valentine but reading over your blog posts made my holiday a little sweeter.


Here are a few of my favorite submissions:

1. Ceriselle.org shared delicious red sugar cookies.

2. June reposted the 10 Rules For Single Girl's on Valentines Day. A shopping splurge sounds like a great idea to me!

3. Kassandra debuted a truly adorable Valentine's Day Tea Party video that brightened my day.

4. Rebecca shared her weekend of love.

5. Kayleigh declared Valentine's Day the official “Treat Yourself” Holiday.

6. I've Just Begun won me over with her post dedicated to girlie heart items.

7. The Vee Bee Diaries swooned about her boyfriend who seems like the perfect catch. Cue the single gal sigh.


To see all of the project's submissions, click here. Thanks for another great IFB Project!


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