Professional Blogger Spotlight: Honestly… WTF

I can't remember exactly when I started reading Honestly… WTF, but I know that my daily online reading hasn't been the same since. The blog, which focuses on a variety of lifestyle topics from fashion to art to travel and DIY projects, is visually gorgeous and guarenteed to introduce you to something cool and new. I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Erica and Lauren, the women who run Honestly… WTF over New York Fashion Week, and they're just as lovely and inspiring in person. Below, I picked Erica's brain about the blog, social media and how it's affected her and Erica's careers.


Tell us a little about Honestly… WTF?


Lauren and I have been close friends for several years and both worked in the fashion industry – she as a stylist and I as an accessories designer. A couple of years ago, I was inspired to start my own DIY blog and had encouraged Lauren to write her own fashion blog. With our busy day jobs at the time, we felt it made perfect sense to join forces and combine the two ideas. It was also a great way for us to keep in touch as it served as a conversation piece between two long distance friends who shared a serious passion for style. So the blog started in May of 2010 and today, it's developed into a really well rounded site  – focusing on unique content surrounding fashion, DIY, art, travel, beauty and home.


What role does social media play in your blogging life?

We really have Twitter, Pinterest, & Facebook to thank for bringing awareness and traffic to our blog since we have never done any search engine optimization. We're highly addicted to Instagram, which has been a great way for us to give our readers a sneak peek into our daily escapades!

Can you tell us about any exciting upcoming projects?

We hope to create even more DIYs and expand on our beauty section. We've got other projects in the works which you'll find out about soon enough!!

How has blogging affected your career?

Blogging has pretty much taken over our careers as we're both dedicated to HonestlyWTF full time now. It's been life changing and we're been so fortunate to have been able to experience all that we have thus far. And although we're no longer technically styling and designing, the blog is definitely an extension of our talents and passions.

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  1. Hannah

    Blogging full time. That’s the dream! This blog sounds great, and I’m totes going to go check it out, doubly so since its name is similar to my blog’s name (!

  2. Sabina

    They bring up what seems like an obvious point but it is actually a very good one. If they’re not doing much in the SEO department, it shows that it does make a different to stay on top of the FB and tweeting (neither of which I’ve been great at, so thanks for the motivation, ladies). Now I have to get a Pinterest account!

  3. Adriana

    I read Honestly WTF all the time and really love what these ladies have to show us. So inspirational and to the point. Keep dreaming big!

  4. eStyle Chat

    I love these Pro Blogger Spotlights. They’re so inspirational! Great work ladies and I’m totally headed over to check out HonestlyWTF.

  5. Hair Style

    Hey! awesome blog! I happen to be a daily visitor to your site (somewhat more like addict ) of this website. Just wanted to say I appreciate your blogs and am looking forward for more!