IFB’s Favorite Fashion Week Hashtags

It's always a bittersweet moment for me when NYFW finally comes to an end. It's eight days of total fashion-fueled insanity, when it seems like the whole of New York is running on caffeine, couture and cab fare. To be fair, this week's shows are actually ready-to-wear, but you get the idea. As we mentioned in this post, Twitter has become an indispensable tool for keeping up with all the action – from front row celebrity spottings to instantaneous runway reviews.


With a feed as robust as IFB's (we're following more than 3,000 handles) it can be a chore to sort through the best tweets and photos – but then again, that's why we have hashtags! From the hilarious to the helpful, here are the “#”s we loved the most during NYFW:


#NYFW: The most broad and most obvious hashtag for fashion week, search this acronym for any and all photos, stories and tid-bets about fashion week.


#MADE: This is the tag for fashion week activity and shows taking place at Milk Studios.


#MBFW: We used this hashtag to identify any of the New York Fashion Week activity that happened at Lincoln Center, and was sponsored by Mercedes Benz.


#menswear: If you're looking to take a little break from the onslaught of gowns, make up and sky-high heels, search this hashtag to see what's trending in the world of men's apparel. Highlights come from GQ magazine, Valet, and IFBcon panelist SartoriallyInc.


#streetstyle: Use this hashtag for quick access to all the amazing style happening off the runways.


#chictothenextlev: This one doesn't make sense unless you watch this. We love how scarily true-to-life it is.


What hashtags did you use during #NYFW? Even if you aren't in NYC (and maybe especially if you are not), hashtags are a fun and easy way to track your favorite fashion events and happenings.


[Image via shutupilovethat‘s Instagram account.]


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9 Responses

  1. Hallie

    That first quote is my favorite EVER! Love it – makes me proud to be a fashion blogger and to compulsively trade thoughts on this season’s collections with the IFB community. 🙂

    “It’s eight days of total fashion-fueled insanity, when it seems like the whole of New York is running on caffeine, couture and cab fare.” #truth

    Great ending to the week. Thanks, Taylor! xx


  2. M.E. Ster

    The shows had some amazing hats. And this Paul Bunyon thing going on is cracking me up. It’s a moment for hats, so let’s celebrate!

  3. Ondo Lady

    I was using #fashfeb12 which is the hashtag for Fashioning February, the fashion special that I have been running on my blog this month. Also #IFBcon for the IFB Conference and of course #LFW for London Fashion Week.

  4. Peach Black

    This is really useful, I just wish this was posted before the NYFW as an instruction on which hashtags to use at the NYFW. I didn’t know them exactly, so I probably used the wrong ones. This is because I am new to twitter and I am still getting a hold of it. I am actually new to all this hashtaging 🙂 so maybe if there were a helpful post about it on IFB I would be very grateful and veeeery happy 🙂

    Love and kisses