The Blogger’s Workout Plan

You just clicked on IFB's “Get Right For The Spring Work Out Tape.” And bloggers, if you follow these instructions exactly, you might be able to pull better traffic, more followers, man, at least a more well-rounded site!


Does the above sound familiar? Remember this song? (Listen to the first few lines if not.) Kanye West's “Kanye's Work Out Plan” was once not only one of my favorite songs to shout along with alone in my room, but also blast in my headphones at the gym (obviously). It's high energy, hilarious and apparently perfect inspiration for a blog post. You see, over the weekend I went to a yoga class for the first time in more than a year (shameful I know). It reminded me of two things a) I actually enjoy physical fitness and b) if I did this more often I wouldn't be so sore today and I would be really strong and flexible.


Guess what? The same is true for blogging. No seriously – it's true! In my experience, the concept of muscle memory applies not only to your delts and biceps, but also your brain. The more I write, the easier it gets and the faster words come to me. The more posts I produce, the better their titles and content become. The more pictures I take, the more clear, focused and purposeful they turn out.

A Blogger Workout

So slap on your spandex, pull your hair into a high ponytail and let's work out. One and two and three and four…


IFB's Blogger Workout Plan


Exercise 1 – Get Tight Titles

  • The Routine: Make a list of 5 possible post titles, using as many SEO-friendly keywords as possible. Try to incorporate trends, colors, designers, how-tos, and tips. Repeat 3x per week.
  • The Results: Immediately you will see a bank of possible posts to develop whenever you get stuck with a case of writers block. In the long term, you will notice what keywords help drive traffic, and be able to whip up an irresistible and oh-so-click-through-able post title in no time flat. You'll have trimmed the fat and highlighted your post's best features for all to admire and comment upon.

Exercise 2 – Form Sexy, Super Timely Posts

  • The Routine: Sit down with one of this month's big glossy fashion magazines for 30 minutes. Browse the articles and find one that really speaks to you, whether it's the writing, the images or the subject itself. Look especially for hot topics like upcoming trends and particularly well-styled looks. Compose a post for your blog that emulates that article or is inspired by it's content. Repeat 1x per week.
  • The Results: Reading magazines as well as blogs is important. Since magazines are updated so much less frequently, their content has to be both timely but also able to communicate the mood of a whole season. You can learn a lot from the care and effort put into print articles, when compared to the immediacy of online publications. Keeping up with traditional media and applying it's techniques  to your blog (in your own way) is a great way to practice creating content that is robust, relevant and worth sharing.

Exercise 3: Take Your Photos To The Next Level

  • The Routine: Find a subject to photograph, and shoot it from all angles. It could be a person on the street, a scenic view, a meal you cooked or a DIY project. End up with at least 5 clear, in-focus photos that tell the story or give a complete picture of what you're posting about. Try close-up shots, shooting vertically and moving around your subject. Repeat 1x per weekend, or more.
  • The Results: Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to operating a piece of technology. The more you play around with your camera, testing settings, trying new angles and lighting, the better you will get. No matter your skill level, you can only get better. After just a few photo shoots, you'll be able to quickly assess how to pose, how close to get to your subject, the best time to shoot outfits, etc. Images are the cornerstone of a great blog, like six-pack abs. So the better they are, the better your whole blog will look.

Exercise 4 – Your Strongest Social Media Presence – Ever!

  • The Routine: Find a blog post from one of your favorite sites, compose a tweet including the blogger's handle giving them some love & linking out. Pin 5 images to your Pinterest boards. Post an Instagram or Facebook wall photo of some part of your outfit. Repeat each 1x or 2x daily.
  • The Results: We all know how important social media is to the health of your blog. Each channel could be seen like one of the essential food groups. You need a dose of each in your daily diet, in different amounts. With Twitter it's important to be a part of the conversation (it's not a monologue), so talk to people and share interesting things! Instagram is unfortunately limited to iPhones at the moment, but you can still share daily outfit inspiration through Twitpics and the wall of your Facebook fan page. Pinterest is all the rage – like juice cleanses – but more long term, and a really, really powerful way to send your content to the far corners of the internet.


Boom! Follow these internet fitness tips and you'll have the online presenence equivilent of a smokin' hot bikini bod in no time.


*And finally, I'm going to rap a little for you. When you lose focus, when you're tired, when you think you might just give it all up, repeat this stanza in your head and feel the beat of the workout plan in your head. Tap your toes and then start tapping on those keys!

That's right, put in work

Social media, go bizzerk

Write your titles, use keywords

Get that traffic you deserve.


[Image via Ben Trovato]

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28 Responses

  1. Candyce Nicole

    I really was dancing while I read this article haha

    Great tips! I’m ready to work!!

    Thanks to IFB’s Blogger Workout Plan
    I’m the envy of my blogger friends
    See I pulled a few sponsorships, man
    And I don’t have to work my 9 to 5 again


    • A

      i start rolling all over my floor laughing when i saw that you were thinking that too 😀

      great advice!
      thank you so much 🙂
      i shall definitely be doing this blog workout….it might be one of the few workouts i ever do in my lifetime…hahaha 😀


  2. Jeanie

    I’m loving ‘The Blogger’s Workout Plan’. I love your rap even more! LOL I’m currently focused on better photos. It’s fun to explore what my new camera can do. Although I feel a tad lost, a bit like learning how to use a pc all over again. Practise practise practise.

  3. Jade

    Great advice! And I’m so happy there’s no actual PHYSICAL excercise *phew* I’m going to have to definitely do Excercise 2 as it’s been so long since I had time to sit and read a magazine 🙁 xx

  4. A

    I love this post. Such good ideas. I really need to kick my lazy blogging attitude and start thinking like this…

  5. Ashlei

    I’m loving the posts this week! They’re really motivating to get your blog on its ‘A+ Game’ 🙂 Keep them coming!


  6. Faye Lesley

    Haha, absolute love the cheeky rap at the end!
    But in all seriousness, these are genuinely really helpful tips – simple and straightforward and VERY motivational, unlike those fitness DVD’s :/


  7. Maiah

    Bahaha! This is BRILLIANT! Honestly, it’s helpful, and humorous! Can’t wait to put it to use with some old school Kanye playing in the background 🙂

  8. Abbie Thomas

    Nice set of plan you got there! I’ve been thinking, is this plan effective to all people who will try it out? I’ve been forever looking for the best workout plan that will suit my timeframe and provide the results I want. Thanks!

  9. Sandy

    What a fun post! Very clever to apply the fitness comparison to blogging. The ideas are great and the format makes it fun.