4 Simple Steps to Personal Branding


Your resume. You stress over making it perfect, sweat every little detail – from the wording, to the layout, all the way down to your “Special Skills.” It’s your ticket to your dream job and you know it needs to be good.

But hold on – your resume might not be the be-all-end all of potential employer wooing anymore. We heard it over and over again  at IFBConThe Blog is the New Resume.

It makes sense when you think about it – when you are applying for a job in the digital world, your new boss is going to want to know what your digital life looks like. So how do you stand out from the crowed of up-and-coming fashion bloggers scrambling for an open position?

Brand yourself.

It’s not as scary as it sounds, you don’t need billboards or even crazy design skills – let’s start small. Choose a color scheme you love and few fonts you can’t get enough of and use them across the board; on your blog posts, your Twitter profile, business cards, letterhead, even your traditional resume (the list goes on and on!) That wasn’t hard, right?

The next step is just as easy: streamline your profile pictures. You want your Google + page, Linkedin profile, Twitter profile, Pinterest account etc. to all have the same little square image so that people who don’t really know you still know they are looking at the same person across all your digital channels. When your future employer see this they’ll see your attention to detail, dedication to your craft, and above all your understanding of the digital space. It’s simple, and yet very, very effective.

For example, when I applied for the job here at IFB I sent in my resume and cover letter – both of which linked to my web page. The font on my web page matches the font on my resume and I use the same background image across all my spaces (my blog, Tumblr, Twitter, even my Facebook – which might be a little over the top, I admit…)

[portfolio_slideshow exclude=”7″]

The next thing to keep in mind when building your digital presence – you user names. This is an area in which I am seriously lacking. In some places I’m Crissie Fuller, in others Fuller.Cris and sometimes just the name of my blog, Chicasaurus-Rex. Ideally you want to have the same name across all platforms, whether you choose your name or the name of your blog is really up to you. However, Erica Domesek of PS – I Made This suggested using your blog name during IFBcon (and really, if you want to see great branding, check out her blog/twitter/book/etc!) But whichever you choose keep it consistent. And don't forget: you want to  have exactly the same handle on Twitter and Instagram (if you can)!

Besides just the look of your brand – you want your voice to be consistent as well. You should always sound like you. It’s fine (good even!) if you are slightly more formal on LinkedIn and in cover letters – but you should never use big words and fancy phrases just to sound smart; your employer (and especially one hiring in the digital space) wants to hear your voice, not some regurgitated version of “the ideal cover letter” you found on google.

To Summarize: 4 Easy Steps to Creating Your Personal Brand

1. Use uniform fonts and colors for all your online and offline collateral (blog, twitter, business cards etc.)

2. Streamline your profile pictures. Use the same one for all your online accounts.

3. Make sure your user names all match!

4. Find your voice and always write in it – alter the tone to fit the audience that you are speaking to, but be sure you always sound like you!

Do you have any experience with creating a personal brand? Tell us about it in the comments!


[top image via BlackBirdTees]

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28 Responses

  1. Sandra

    Love how everything is uniform. It really makes it easy to read and follow you. I got some work to do on mine!

    Thanks Crissie!

    with love,

  2. Ashlei

    This is great! Streamlining and creating a uniform look for all my social media platforms is definitely a big to-do on my list. Thanks for the awesome tips, this just motivated me to get started 🙂


  3. Jade

    Phew! My Twitter and Instagram are already same profile pic and same handle. That’s one step closer to having everything streamlined and related. Such simple tips but it’s always the simple things that can carry the most weight!

  4. Nataya

    My mood base style has made me harder to build an iconic personal brand. Cause one day I like vintage and the next day I am a girly doll, for example. And changing layout often because it’s fun. I should learn about this more, start from your post, thankyou

  5. LaTisha

    YES!! This hit home for me. I have been scrambling all day to fix my resume, add this, delete that…and here it is a few hours later and you’ve given me the energy to keep it up.

    I did get a chance to watch the IFBcon and the stuff that many shared was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. This is definitely going to help me out.

  6. The Calvin Show

    This is a pretty solid post! I’ve even said myself on my blog, some things SEEM like common sense but slip through the cracks.

    Definitely going to go through my online properties and update them!

  7. alicatstrut

    Such great ideas – thank you! I’ve got the matching username thing down but I have two or three different photos on my various profiles. I’m going to work on that because I want people to be sure it’s me everywhere they go.

  8. TheBigMac

    This is so interesting, seems simple and obvious yet the temptation to use all different images/ backgrounds and names is so enticing! Thank you for the great advice. x

  9. MannequinSF

    Sounds good and easy enough. I have been working on making MANNEQUINSF a brand. I would love feedback if anyone wants to check it out. Just google MANNEQUINSF and everything should come up. Blog, twitter, facebook etc Thanks XXOO

  10. PaintHead

    Yes i agree, Using the same photo and fonts/background is key to keeping things connected and in order. I too use the same photos and name..xoxo

  11. Juliana

    Yes. I do that. All of my accounts online has only 1 profile picture. Though sometimes, it’s boring but I have to do that so followers will recognized me online.

    Great post! 🙂

  12. Ruby Envy

    Thanks for the great advice…I’m about to update for my blog’s 1st anniversary, and these are tips that I need!

  13. FashionTake-Out

    When choosing a username….give it the quirky uniqueness power…make it stand out so everyone will remember it…example Starbucks