IFB Project #36: Your Oscar Moment

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“And the award goes to…” That heavy silence, the sharp intake of breathe. It's a line that can spark a rush of joy for the lucky winners at this Sunday's Academy Awards and catapults them into Hollywood's hall of fame.

While I may never win an Oscar, I have spent many nights in front of a mirror acting out that famous Oscar moment when your name is called.  You prep your “oh-wow-that's-me” face and flutter your lids as if you are absolutely shock. Then comes the tears and ridiculous giggling.  While it might be rather odd, what girl hasn't done that? However, I took it a step farther. Guys, I prepped an Oscar speech. Go ahead, judge me. But it's every girl's fantasy to win an award by your peers and to stand before them in complete gratitude and awe. Which brings me to this week's IFB project…

IFB Project #36: Your Oscar Moment

Here's the setting: IFB is giving out the very prestigious Blogger of the Year award and you just won! Congratulations!

Now I want to hear your Oscar-esque thank you speech. That's right- whip out the tissues and take a cue from the adorable Marion Cotillard on creating a truly genuine, heartfelt Oscar speech. If you are feeling bold, videotape yourself and share it with me. If you prefer to stay behind the computer screen, write out your speech and post it on your blog. Whatever you do, don't forget to thank your mom, dad, siblings and significant others. I hear they can get pretty testy if left out of your Oscar moment. Don't forget to submit your links below!

You should also join IFB's Oscar Viewing Party by using the #IFBRedCarpet hashtag and tweeting away with the IFB team. It's going to be a red carpet frenzy! For more Oscar best-dressed and amazing moments, check out and follow our Oscar Pinterest Board too!


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