Live from the Academy Awards, It’s IFB!

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Catch the red carpet glamour and fashion hits this Sunday with IFB's Oscar Viewing Party!

Ladies and gentlemen, Hollywood is rolling out their biggest red carpet for this weekend's Academy Awards and IFB will be reporting live from the sidelines! (Well, technically, we will be reporting from the comfort our our lovely homes but same difference.)

Starting at 5pm EST, IFB will be live-tweeting the red carpet and we would love you to join! Fashion hits( and misses), random Oscar trivia, and so much more will be coming your way all day Sunday. That's right, it's Oscar-mania! Join the red carpet buzz by using the #IFBredcarpet hashtag and following along with the madness.  Since we are fans of crazy hilarious #hashtags, we will be featuring the best of the best on Monday here on IFB. That's right- your hashtag might be on the front page of IFB's website. Get your creative juices flowing!

Are you an Oscar fanatic? Do you get a slight thrill picking out your favorite red carpet picks? Which actor/actress are you most excited to see?

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