10 Ways Not To Be A Blah-ger

The one, single, solitary thing I struggle the most with when it comes to blogging – I mean the absolute most – is how to stay interesting. Everyday I wonder: What makes my blog any more readable than another? What can I say, what can I wear, what can I do on social media that will make my point of view worth paying attention to? Sometimes I just feel like I'm in a rut of sameness.

So, how do you differentiate yourself? There's no proven formula, but I believe what makes a blogger unique comes as much from who they are inside as what they wear outside. If you can create an enticing visual representation of yourself through your blog, that showcases both your inner and outer beauty – that's really all you could hope for, right? When we're all wearing clothes and all talking about trends, it can be difficult to feel like you're special. The sameness can be so stiffling. In a word, everything becomes rather blah.

You're anything but blah – so show it! Here are IFB's top tips to avoid being a blah-ger:

  • Tell your readers a story. Take a few cues from this amazing post on Copyblogger that's all about the magic of Downton Abbey. With seriously addictive plotlines and characters we can all relate to, this show has become a sensation. You, too, can be a sensation.
  • Avoid re-publishing others' photos when you can – save that for Pinterest!
  • Incorporate some video into a post every now and then – IFB think's it's the next big thing… Whether it's a 360 degree view of an outfit, a haul video or an inteview – spice things up with another media source.
  • Shop at thrift, consignment and vintage stores to show off your style with pieces no one else has! Showcase them with vivid photographs and style them with modern pieces from your closet. This is something that a lot of people do, but always looks fresh because the vintage pieces are usually one-of-a-kind!
  • Be a real personality on Twitter. Be silly, be opinionated, be smart. Share links & entertain your followers. (Here's my more comprehensive post on being a social (media) butterfly.)
  • Don't recycle other blogs' DIY projects. Channel your inner Martha and make what you want.
  • When you make a photo collage, add your own special touches like graphics, numbers, arrows and descriptive text. Picnik.com is a great place to start (though they are shuttering in April, so hurry!)
  • Try adding one post a week that's totally different than what you usually publish. Highlight another facet of your life, your interests and your hobbies. Are you a musician? Can you cook? Do you work out a lot or play sports? Is your husband or boyfriend a fascinating human? Do you have a pet? Showcase another side of yourself that makes you different.
  • Relate an outfit post to something completely seperate from fashion. Think about works of art, meals, architecture, design, interiors, animals, exotic travels – anything that can add variety and depth of thought to your style posts.
  • Use photo-sharing social media apps to give your readers and followers a glimpse into your daily life. While it's true that many, many bloggers do this, it's a successful venture because everyone's life is different!


How do you stay unique and special in this crazy community of ours? What do you think makes your blog special? Share your insights in the comments!


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  1. Hannah Hayes (@HeroineChicGirl)

    This is something I struggle with constantly. It is a part of my own personality to dislike being like everyone else, so I’m even more anal about standing out when it comes to my blog! A good way to stand out is to be HONEST with your opinions – yes, this can be too much, but they differentiate you in real life, so why can’t they in cyberspace? Also, a great collage site when Picnik shuts down is Photovisi. They don’t have nearly the options, but can help you start somewhere new with your collages.

  2. chantilly

    i used to think the same thing about re-blogged photos. but honestly, i’ve found that a lot of people are big fans of the “found pictures” feature.

    every day, i post original content and photos… but do post my faves from pinterest once per week- which i think is a good balance. if you post photos from bloggers you like, can it help show your appreciation for them 🙂 and i find that people just like to look at pretty images- whether they’re yours or not.

    plus, i do think it is possible to convey your style and aesthetic in this manner 🙂

  3. M @StyleSizzle

    Agree with chantilly. While original photos are great, I can’t believe how much feedback I get sometimes just from doing a “pretty things I like” type of feature with outside photos.

  4. Halle

    this is a great post! I also think that if you love what you do (blog?) then it’ll love you back!

    >I also think Twitter is a great way to get to know your readers better! 🙂


  5. Donna

    Great informative post that gives me a few ideas on how to be different. I, too, have always strived to dress differently in my real life, but since I haven’t got many places to take photos of myself, I’ve wondered how to be different in my blog writing.
    I’m glad to read what chantilly and M @StyleSizzle wrote. I only use other’s photos from Fashion shows since I can’t be there. Maybe I’ll use a few more just to show my personality.
    I’m so glad to have IFB to share ideas and find new blogs to read.

  6. Emily

    Great post!!! I think there is the added bonus of using photo social media apps, like Instagram, that they create fun original images that you can then use in posts – I’ve created many a post just from having snapped something on Instagram and using that as a starting point…

  7. Faye Lesley

    This is a really helpful post, thank you!

    I like to use the method of trying something completely different every once in a while, as a repetitive string of outfit posts can get a little done, especially when there’s eccentric-ness lacking in my clothing!

    I also constantly blog about thrifted clothes and how I’ve updated them. Showing recent thrifted purchases and then a couple weeks later showing DIY projects with these items brings back my visitors.


  8. Daisy Bernard

    This post was so helpful, I agree that using your own photos helps, I started going to shows and taking then editing my own photos and have recieved amazing feedback and making the blog more visually interesting.

  9. Synthetic

    What I do to set my blog apart is following one simple rule- each one of my posts needs to have something unique in it that I created- be it a drawing (I’m an illustrator), a photo or a collage. I just can’t stand it when people post entire posts full of photos from Style.com, if I wanted to see those I’d just go on there.
    I’ll let you know if that works…

  10. Abby

    This is such an informative article. Really useful tips that I plan to try work on and incorporate into my blogging style.

  11. alicatstrut

    Great tips. What works best for me is doing what I like. Doing anything because it’s “how things are done” or because other people are doing it, especially when you don’t like it, is a recipe for blah. I don’t ever like to be contrary just for its own sake, so I’m not going to start wearing olive when everyone’s wearing mint if I hate olive and love mint. But I think it’s really great to celebrate any trends I do like and waste absolutely no time on things I don’t like. I think readers can tell if the reason you’re kind of blah is because you’re talking about something about which you’re not passionate.

  12. Cynthia

    I’ve talked a lot about body image issues that other body image sites don’t discuss – height – yet I feel like I’m doing no more than preaching to the choir. People just don’t care. It seems that my outfit posts get more traction. I mean, do I really have to be size 12+ to be taken seriously when it comes to body image?

  13. TheStyleKaleidoscope

    Original content is key in the end – it will totally set you apart from everyone else. The more original your blog is, the better, as it can’t be replicated! I do street style shots on mine, including other photographs like pictures of my fashion scrapbook. If you’re creatively minded, simply share what you like to create.

  14. Elizabeth

    Gosh, honestly I don’t really think about that…perhaps I should. I just write, and share. Since my blog is more lifestyle driven, I share mine, our rather the healing, artistic side of it. Great tips, gave me something to think about, thank you.

  15. Monique

    This is such a great article! Incredibly helpful. I second what most of the other comments have said — even for me, I like browsing blogs that have something different to show/say. I hope that I’m doing that with mine.

  16. Sabina

    Thanks for the helpful tips. It truly is tougher than ever to stand out from other blogs these days. I especially noticed this during Fashion Week when it seemed like just about every blogger attended at least one show, taking pics, doing interviews and posing at parties. I would have too, except, well, I wasn’t invited to any, but I still feel like I differentiated myself by posting illustrations of my favorite designs to make it down the runway, based on the great photos others had posted. (Of course I gave credit to those sources.)
    The tip I feel like I should try here is the one about veering off course to do something non-fashion related sometimes. After all there’s plenty to be inspired by.

  17. the MOD mama

    I am getting there with this. I struggle with what to share, how much to share, etc.

    I think a good step will be following my editorial calendar (thanks, IFB for that!).