Social Media Reigns Supreme at the Oscars


Hollywood's biggest awards ceremony was in Los Angeles last night, but the real award show magic happened online. Of course, right?


Whether you watched Billy Crystal prance and sing once again or not, you couldn't have missed the Oscar live-tweet storm that hit last night. In fact, it looks like most of the world had a better time streaming the show via Twitter than actually watching it based on the show's social media performance. Garnering over 2.05 million tweets, the 2012 Oscars were the talk of the Twitter town, beating last year's numbers by around 8 million tweets in the awards three-hour telecast. What were the most buzzworthy Oscar moments on Twitter, according to Tweet Reach? The Cirque du Soleil performance, which garnered the biggest spike at 18,718 tweets in one minute. Another standout moment? The somewhat awful Angelina “I am Queen, Hear Me Roar” pose which sparked a few knee-jutting-pose knockoffs.

The IFB team hunkered down for the entire telecast plus the three-hour red carpet, which made for the ultimate social media marathon. From Twitter to Instagram to Pinterest, the IFB team hosted our very own Oscar Viewing Party. For the entire (painfully long) telecast AND the three-hour red carpet, we  delivered the fashion hits, unfortunate misses and ridiculously awkward moments (Seacrest, we're looking at you). Overall, the show was ok, if not a little boring. We aren't asking for drama but a little more spark would have been nice, don't you think? Besides Will Farrell and Zach Galifianakis's marching band performance, the Oscars seemed safe. But we are guessing they prefer safer over sorry…


Here's are the most-liked Instagram shots from last night's bonanza and our picks for Best Dressed:


 IFB's Best Dressed Picks:

  • Jennine's Picks: Gwyneth Paltrow, Rooney Mara and Milla Jovovich
  • Taylor's Picks: Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Williams and Octavia Spencer
  • Amanda's Picks: Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose Byrne and Rooney Mara
  • Crissie's Picks: Gwyneth Paltrow, Milla Jovovich, and Michelle Williams

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report and statistics from TweetReach photos via PopSugar

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  1. Nnenna

    I totally agree with Gwyneth being on the best-dressed list and I was loving IFB’s red carpet coverage last night! 🙂