Sorry Billy, We Prefer Twitter


We're going to make a bold statement: Twitter completely stole Billy Crystal's thunder.


The host did his best last night and generated a few laughs from us but overall, it was the Twitter-sphere that had us giggling hysterically. From the snarkiest of snark to the downright honest-truths, Twitter's finest including Tom & Lorenzo, Kelly Cutrone, Derek Blasberg and more came out last night and thank god! We needed a little sartorial punch to get us through the nearly four-hour show.

Our favorite tweets of the night, presented to you by their most ardent fans:

oscars, twitter


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3 Responses

  1. Jade

    Gosh I love the snarky comments when it’s award season! I can’t believe I didn’t even check Twitter for Oscar updates!

  2. Oceana

    Great article! I, too, have to agree. The tweets from my blogger buddies was the best part of the show.