Chic Geek Giveaway: Win Lo & Son’s Savoy Bag

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Are you ready to win another prized bag for this week's Chic Geek Giveaway series?


I hope so because we are featuring an IFB favorite today! Lo & Sons kicked off this killer series about a month ago and they are back! This time, it's about the Savoy, a lightweight travel and work laptop bag that boasts padded compartments, sleeves for your mobile devices and enough pockets to keep your bag clutter-free. Every lady needs a go-to work bag and the Savoy is my recommendation.


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When you are rushing to a meeting or catching a flight, you want to make sure that your beloved gadgets are protected and with the Savoy, you never have to worry. On top of that, the bag's exterior is water-resistant and the handles are made of durable leather.

The great people at Lo & Sons want to make sure you are fully equipped with only the best and are giving away the Savoy to one IFB reader. To win this bag, all you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment below and share why you need a trusty, resourceful work bag.
2. Like IFB on Facebook 
3. Be sure to leave a valid email address.

Check out the entire Lo & Sons collection here and good luck on the contest!

Contest starts at 3:01 pm EST on 2/28/2012 and ends 11:59pm EST on 3/05/2012. The Promotion is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are at least thirteen (13) years of age at the time of entry. A complete list of rules and regulations are located here.

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72 Responses

  1. Mikaila Osiadacz

    I would absolutely DIE for a resourceful bag like this because I’m currently struggling through my dissertation in my final year studying law therefore to keep everyone’s spirits up (including mine!)this Savoy bag would be like a ray of sunshine when I walk into the lecture room in the morning.

    Please choose me as you would be doing the rest of society a cheeky little Savoy favour

    [email protected]

  2. Angela Ricardo

    OMG I would need a trusty bag where I can put my camera and cosmetic and not feel like it’s going to give in and break on me because of the weight. Plus including my cellphone and planner on my daily to bring items they barely fit in my typical almost pocket size purses. 🙁

    Would be amazing to win this. xox

  3. Anna-Sara

    My grandma’s old reindeer leather bag is falling apart from carrying the computer, charger, calendar, 15 different nail polishes, a lunch box, a snack and another sweater to work, to wear on my way back home from work (It’s cold in Sweden) with my computer, charger, calendar, nail polishes and an empty lunch box. My mayor load of lovely stuff needs a new beloved bag.

  4. Clara Beyer

    Hi! I would love this bag — I’m always running between class (I’m a sophomore at Brown) and home and errands, and blogging everywhere I go. A bag to keep me organized would be a godsend!
    xx Clara

  5. Stephanie Liu

    Hello Lo & Sons and IFB! As an around-the-clock blogger, my laptop is glued to my hips and sees the bustling indoors of many cafes and eateries in the OC. My laptop is my partner and my teammate. It practically does the majority of the work in executing the perfection of photographs, the visual charm of my blog site, and the illustration of my thoughts into typed words. After doing so much for me, I want to give back to her. She now travels around wearing a simple neoprene case that’s been spilled on and carried in a tote too small and probably suffocating for her. There’s not even enough room for her accessories like her mouse and her charger. We all know she needs that charger! She deserves a high quality, roomy Lo & Sons bag so that she can travel in style and in comfort without ever having to worry about maintenance or having to find a new bag every few months. She won’t have to fear being near cups of coffee or being caught in the sudden onset of rain. She’s my most trustworthy partner in my blogging world and without her, there would be no blog to exist. I hope you can see that she deserves the highest quality protection, comfort, and style after all the hard work she’s done for the both of us. Thank you 🙂

  6. Meghan B

    the ideal work bag IS a Lo&Sons bag – not only plenty of pockets, but padded pockets (because let’s face it, from my iPad to makeup, I don’t want anything getting damaged) but a bag that can deal with the “shoot I spilled my coffee/water/wine” moments. This is the type of bag that I’d also carry on a weekend to the farmers market – it doesn’t look like a workbag at all, but it’s completely functional. It’s the perfect work accessory for the modern working gal!

  7. Jyoti (Style-Delights)

    Oooh, I get to be the first to comment! I have to say as a former full time working mother and now a stay at home blogger – a good sized carry-all bag is a must for everyone! Mine has seen me carrying everything from office files, magazines for the work-home commute (pre-kindle era), spare diapers for the little one to water bottles on the museum trips on a hot day! I could soooooo use this lo and son’s beauty!!:-)
    [email protected]!
    PS. Already an IFB fan on facebook!

  8. Robin Avidor

    Because I am one HOT MESS who needs to get organized! I walk into work with way too many disorganized bags. Having your would surely help me get it togethe!! Thank you! xo r

  9. I am Sam, Sam I am

    Oh my! Well with my busy schedule of being an almost fashion design graduate (only a couple months away!!) I learned shortly that being in this major you can’t have enough bags to carry everything. It would just be amazing to have a bag just for all of my electronics and a some paper work. Right now I am using a ratty old candle/wax stained backpack. I also with starting an internship soon that I will be commuting to NY for and hopefully starting my career! This would just be an amazing item to have for my future ventures. Thank you for this opportunity!

    [email protected]

  10. Faye Lesley

    Another FAB prize opportunity aha.

    I’m heading off to college in September to start my A levels (English, French, History & Textiles) and will be commuting to my nearest town everyday and unfortunately the journey is half and hour, so not short enough to pop back at lunch to work on school work (or most probably – my blog). Sooo, I’m hoping to take my Macbook with me to and from college, along with my phone, compact camera and iPod. This bag is a perfect alternative to a bulky unattractive briefcase. Convenience and a gorgeous appearance – perfect bag!

    [email protected]

    Thanks for the chance, good luck with choosing a winner.


    p.s. i’ve already ‘liked’ you aha.

  11. Laura

    I’m a business coach for creatives so my life is in my computer. I carry it with me anytime I’ll be out for more than a couple hours. It’s imperative that I protect my poor laptop while I’m on the go…. and that I have space to carry my business cards, a notepad and pen, my wallet and keys, and various gear if I’ve got my puppy with me! A good bag would make a huge difference from the giant, squishy purse I’ve been using.

  12. Mandi | Living For PRetty

    Oh, very cute! It is hard to find cute laptop bags sometimes! I truck my laptop between my house, work and my boyfriends all the time – and would love to combine my sometimes THREE bags into one!

  13. Lauren S

    my macbook feels mistreated in my oversized tote bag – this bag is sleek and seems to have a pocket for everything, no more stray makeup powder finding its way onto my keyboard. i think this bag could easily transform me from messy girl to “hbic”!

    i already liked ifb on facebook.
    & my email would be [email protected]


  14. Maneet Gupta

    I would really like this bag as I work from coffee shops around town. And to carry my army of cords and devices, this bag would be perfect. Also, it seems to be waterproof, which is a bonus in rainy Seattle!

  15. Brittany

    I love this bag, because it’s perfect for organization and travel. I believe it would be multi-functional and stylish.


  16. Arantxa Rodriguez

    I am in my junior year of college, super excited to start my senior year and SUPER scared. This is it! Time to really start thinking hard about what I’m going to do after graduation- job, grad school, backpack across Europe? As every college girl knows, without her trusty lappy, she is LOST. However, since I do not have a sturdy dependable laptop bag, my laptop stays at my apartment. I have been on the lookout for a suitable bag in which to carry my techy friend, but have yet to find one whose straps are not too thin, or build to bulky- until know! This bags beautiful, sleek design is ideal for carrying to and from class! As a Public Relations major/ Spanish minor looking to go into Fashion PR, I would be MORE than proud to tote this gorgeous bag around campus!

  17. Danielle Elise McConnell

    I really need this bag because I’m about to graduate high school and I’m gearing up for college!!! Seeing as technology is pretty much a necessity in school, I’ve finally bought my first laptop; I could really use a cute bag to bag to carry it in to off-set the extra scrubby legging & sweatshirt combo I’ll be rockin’ all 4 years at the University of Washington!

    P.S. I’m also an aspiring fashion blogger & accountant major so I could use some professional gear ;D thank you!

  18. Emilee

    I LOVE Lo & Sons! This bag would be perfect for my morning commute and work travel!

    eclales at uchicago dot alumni dot edu

  19. Tammie

    Graduating high school this year, a new work bag would be so lovely and useful for when I leave for university abroad. It’s so adorable too!

  20. Shaunah

    I’m a full time student and work full time at an advertising agency, plus blogging—I’m on the go at all times! A great bag is absolutely vital, and I think it would look great with my current fashion color scheme! Also, I am graduating from college in May so, I need some super cool swag to get a job!

  21. Caitlyn

    These bags! They’re so great! I’ve had my eye on this one for a long time – a dear friend purchased one about a year ago and has been raving about it ever since. My current work bag is falling to bits, and actually isn’t that ergonomic since it’s a shoulder-tote….I think one of the greatest things with this one is that you can wear it cross-body and support your back! Also, I lose my keys all the time, so having a special key leash in the bag is totally awesome. Not to mention the pockets. Definitely human-centered design on this brand!

  22. Andrea

    I would love to win one of these bags. I am currently lugging my laptop, tablet, purse, and phone in a not-so-cute backpack just because it’s the only things that fits all of my gadgets. I work and live in Silicon Valley. I don’t pack lightly! I need my tech toys. This bag would make the whole thing a lot more attractive!

  23. Analise Trotter

    I need a new bag to carry around my macbook and all my heavy fashion books for uni 🙂 This would be perfect way to travel to the library in style!!!! Love it!!

  24. Anh

    This would be a great everyday bag I can use! My days are so hectic running from one thing to the next – job, events, various activities, etc. I think this bag is great and would go with many things!

  25. MAy

    I’m a senior in college and i’m always carrying my camera around and my ipad and I need a bag where I can put all that stuff without having to worry about my camera breaking

  26. Sugar style

    This bag is pretty amazing. Well I need it because I’m in high school and I carry books, notebooks and many little things that in rush I can’t find, so I think a bag with compartments like this one will be really helpful.
    [email protected]

  27. Shay H

    I love Lo & Sons Bags, but I don’t own one yet. however, i am on the search for an excellent travel bag, as I am always at a loss when I fly anywhere! I also think this could EASILY transition to work, and I’m always looking for a staple bag for work too! I carry my life with me every day 🙂

    [email protected]

  28. anthea

    Would love to win a trusty work bag as mine is getting a bit worn! Don’t we all need a fabulous work bag? Office wear can always use a bit of practical spice! 😉

  29. Cindy

    This is exactly the kind of bag I need. I’m starting optometry school in the fall and would love a chic, yet practical bag so I don’t have to lug my laptop around by hand like I did in college.

  30. Anne C

    My laptop weighs a metric f*ck ton and has already ruined one purse. I need a good looking home for it that isn’t going to crumble under its weight!

  31. Cupboard Love

    I need a chic bag that holds everything to reboot my career. As a former law firm office manager, I had to carry the entire firm’s business on my shoulders. Now I’m going back to school for computers – I need to streamline and a sweet little shoulder bag would be just the thing!

    I’m chymerikaenATgmailDOTcom

  32. Kristin M.

    What an amazing bag! My trusty (white!) LeSportsac is getting quite shabby after using it for almost two years now for travel, hauling tech stuff, chargers, books, etc. So, this would be an amazing, chic replacement! Great giveaway.

    – Kristin
    [email protected]

  33. Kara | Glama Persona

    As a newbie blogger, I find I am carrying around a calendar, folder, reference books, and more. A great bag like this one would be a practical and stylish one-stop-shop for all my blogging goodies!

  34. Sherrell

    I have horrible luck with bags. So a trusty, resourceful bag would be awesome. I’ve had two bags break while using them and it is extremely annoying so I’ve had to downgrade to a backpack that is BRIGHT pink. Now that I am going to graduate soon I need a more adult/ work friendly bag and I don’t think my backpack will cut it.

  35. Ana Fonua

    As a fashion blogger image is my brand and this bag would aide in adding more value & be asset to my brand! Plus it would just be TOTES amaze and total Chic to the Next Lev to have this hold my most trusted valuable: my laptop!

  36. Aly B.

    I’m in LOVE with the crimson Savoy bag! Being a graphic designer both full time and freelance, as well as a ‘free time’ blogger, I’m *constantly* dragging tons of things around with me. My bags that are large enough rarely have the proper compartments to keep things organized. This bag is a dream come true!

  37. Sydney

    I cannot tell you how excited I am for this giveaway! I am in DIRE need of a work bag. Right now the one I have is from Best Buy (believe it or not) and bought before I started college in 2004!! It’s time for an upgrade and I love LO&Sons!

    [email protected]

  38. Lauren van Schijndel

    I love colaberating with other writers/bloggers, so i tend to take my laptop with me everywhere. the trouble with that is that its too large to fit into my purse, and i dont have a case. So i just awkwardly carry it around. I would love to have such a cute bag like this to carry my computer! It would be a fashion forward life-saver!

    much love,
    Lauren xoxo

  39. Quinn Smith

    These days, I use everything to keep me connected, inspired and current: my laptop, kindle fire, phone, ipod, camera, multiple magazines and at least 1 book. Something chic and big enough to handle all my stuff would be such a lifesaver!

  40. Diana Mamlieva

    Well, I have to admit that as a fashion blogger I have a lot of bags! But just about a week ago I realized that I don’t own THE Bag – the best friend, the always-there-for-me, the life saver. I have a feeling that me and the Savoy are a match made in Heaven! I need it! Love, Diana

  41. Danah 'ICOF' Gordon

    Well between my blog, school, career, social life, traveling, and my business I am one busy lady. I’ve been searching for the perfect bag that can carry all of my necessities and be a haute find at the same time. The ‘Savoy’ would be PERFECT for this purpose. From the space to the fabric, whats not to love ?! #Fabness


    – Danah

  42. Zoe

    I’m not a quite lucky person but let me try this!
    I hope you choose me cause having this bag will help me carry all the stuff i have.
    When i go out i always take many stuff with me and especially my camera which takes a lot of space and it’s pretty heavy. So i would love to own such a work bag cause first of all it’s super stylish and second of all it will help me feel that all my personal items will be safe 🙂

  43. debi c

    this would be a total life saver..i have to carry around a lot of things in addition to the gadgets being a college student..and a big bag is the answer..on top of that this is i don’t have to hug my bag on my lap all the time so that nothing inside gets damaged!a constant worry!
    like ifb on FB
    [email protected]

  44. world traveler

    Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Slim, sleek, stylish and functional. I have a wishlist of all of the features I’m looking for in a laptop bag and the Savoy has them all!

  45. Schmidty

    I’d love to freshen my spring accessory wardrobe and this gorgeous bag would be a fantastic start.

    I’m a current follower of IFB. Thanks!

  46. talktomyshoes

    I rarely try these contests but this bag looks too good to be true!!! I would use this bag like its nobodies business. I’m an elementary school teacher and am constantly lugging around students work, my laptop, planner, resources, &c. back and forth each day. I’ve actually been having the worst time finding the perfect bag for work and have instead been using one of those recyclable material grocery bags- you could imagine how classy I look with it!
    Anyway, the colour and versatility of the bag is great. It could go from weekday to weekend so easily. Overall its just an awesome bag.

  47. Daria

    I love this kind of bags and I like to keep with me all kind of things I need at work or at university. Everything is important! 😉

  48. Tiffany Davis Olson

    I need this bag because I have to carry my laptop everywhere for blogging and I need a lightweight, pretty, and organized way to carry it! This would be so helpful! I love Lo & Sons!

  49. Cathie (Cordelia on IFB)

    I just moved to Vancouver (yesterday!), and am curently looking for a job –hopefully fashion related! This bag would be absolutely perfect, and it would do double-duty as a weekender bag when I go back to the Island to visit my man!

  50. Julie

    like IFB on fb Julie A Scott Laws
    I need this bag because,quite honestly,my purse right now is not stylish and too samll for all the things I carry around d:)

  51. Jen

    I need this bag (and the OMG bag) so that while I am out in public looking stylish and awesome I can evangelize enthusiastically about Lo&Sons. I never stop looking for the perfect work bag but maybe, just maybe, you will end my search. I will not be silenced in my praise. Pick me!

  52. Susan

    Love lo & sons and love following ifb! The lo & sons bags are so functional and fashionable. Liked on Facebook, hopefully it is my lucky day!

    -Susan ([email protected])

  53. Emily

    I need a trusty, resourceful work bag because I travel at least 70 days out of the year and need to look good while doing it.

  54. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡

    I like Independent Fashion Bloggers on facebook (Louis H Uffmire)

    the reason I would like to win is that my purse is way too small to carry all my stuff around and the diaper bag is so yesterday’s fashion

  55. Heather

    I have been obsessed with Lo and Sons bags for months – it would be my perfect everyday work bag and could easily transition into a weekend travel bag.

  56. Esha A

    I NEED this bag because, as much as I love my Longchamp, it is not sturdy enough to hold my laptop and books! I’m always on the go, whether it be to attend events, go to uni, find inspiration for my blog or just run errands – and so, I need arm-candy that looks good and is useful, and Lo & Savoy’s bag does just that!


  57. Margarita Viera

    I can really use a bag for my laptop. I’m always sticking it my tote bag when I’m on the run and it sticks out of the tote bag so this bag would be great!