IFB Project #36 Round-up: Your Oscar Moment

Last week, I asked you to savor the spotlight and create your own Oscar Moment by writing a speech that would thank everyone (and your mom).


This project must have been a tough one because so many of you lurked in the background. Or! Maybe you just want to keep your speech secret until that golden moment comes. I understand but it made for a tough round-up.

Because of the slim pickings, I am featuring a snippet of Jyoti's Oscar speech. Full of personality and charm, her speech totally nails the essential benchmarks of a great speech. On top of that, she even touches upon the stereotypes of the fashion blogging community and how bloggers are showing their strength and smarts. Couldn't agree more!

Take it away, Jyoti:

“In our society, fashion and style sometimes still are taken lightly, and except for the established blogs, we largely are viewed as a pink-loving, attention seeking, self-obsessed, online posse-creating, frivolous girls/boys club! And that's about to change – with this big award recognizing talent, influence and the serious business of blogging, we fashion bloggers will have a front row seats not only in the fashion weeks, but in the editorial hallways of big media houses! And they are asking me to wrap it up, Lord! I hear the faint strains of the music! I thank my husband for patiently clicking the pictures in 40 degree weather and putting up with me when I hog the closet space, and to all those bloggers who don't start their post by saying hello dolls!-peace out!”

What do you think about her speech? Are you loving her “blogger power” theme? Thanks Jyoti for participating and read her entire speech here!

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