Be Irresistible to Brands

You know that feeling when you’re scrolling through your Google Reader – ogling at all your favorite blogs – and you start to notice that everyone else seems to be doing more than you, at least when it comes to working with fashion brands and sponsors. I get that feeling a lot, which makes me think, are they just lucky? Or are they doing something that I’m not?

Sure – maybe a few of them are just are blessed by fate, but most just have a little bit of business savvy that gets them in the door.

And guess what – you can have it too! Thanks to Lauren Tesar of Lifebooker who shares the 3 things brands look for when they work with bloggers:

How to attract brands to your fashion blogScalability, Credibility, Flexibility.


A brand needs to know who your audience is, so know your reader’s demographics (age, sex, location, language etc.) You can grab some of the info, like location and language from Google analytics; for the rest, take a look at your Facebook Page insights – or conduct a quick survey on your blog! Brands want this information so they know your readers are the people they want to reach.
Outside of basic demographics, a brand will also look at the size of your audience. This doesn’t mean that they want you to have hundreds of thousands of followers, more that they want to know what the scale of their project needs to be – will they be working with 1 blogger or with 20? Make sure to include this info in your Media Kit, or email pitch to a brand.


The brand is going to look at your content – all your content – to make sure it is on brand with their company. They want to be sure your content will be relevant and interesting to their customer. So what can you do about this? Stay true to your blog’s vision and mission statement. Know who your audience is and always talk to them. Make sure your content is always something that your readers will enjoy reading! And treat your blog like a business, keep it professional and not personal (of course, let your personality shine through, just be mindful of how much you share!)


Brands are looking for different types of partnerships – sustainable, long-term projects, or shorter engagement for promotions or giveaways. Be willing to go either way, and bring ideas. From a brand’s view collaboration is key when it comes to working with bloggers, they’ll want the project to really resonate with your readers, and who knows your readers better than you do? Bring them ideas – they’ll love you for it!

Got it? Scalability, Credibility, Flexibility! Catchy – right? Write it in lipstick on your mirror, a note on your desk, chalk it onto your sidewalk – it’s you new motto!

And one last tip to keep in mind: Brands will all have different “Key Performance Indicators” to measure their campaign’s success. Some will look for sign ups, others for sales and some are just shooting for broader awareness – keep these in mind when you are talking with brands!

How does your blog measure up? Are you ready to start working with brands?

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17 Responses

  1. matthew

    Thank you for the great advice , One of my goals this yr for my blog is to start working with major brands and this gives me a starting point.

  2. Jade

    Great advice. I haven’t even thought of a media kit yet as I haven’t had any brands approach me (which is kind of devastating after reading about so many bloggers who do get approached) but I think I’m going to create one now just in case.

  3. AnikaLovelace

    I don’t prefer that, it means to me that I must promote the brand by wear their things even if I don’t like their items…and I’m not envious to bloggers who are collaborating with brands…maybe there’s sth wrong with me too???

  4. Shannyn

    Creating a media kit was helpful in two ways- not only has it helped me better negotiate with brands to create fair collaborations where we both win, but it also required me to take a good hard look at my site and ensure (like you said) that my content sticks with the purpose and mission statement indicated on my blog.

    It’s really been a smart move, so I can vouch for the info in this post, great advice!

  5. TheStyleKaleidoscope

    Love the advice about the media kit – imagine if a brand approaches you but you have nothing ready; even if you don’t put it onto your blog, at least have the information to hand in a good format in case you are approached!