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Interview with Paige Denim

For this week's Ask The Brand feature, IFB caught up with Paige Denim. Based in Los Angeles, Paige is a premium denim brand for both men and women with a Twitter following of more than 5,300 and more than 14,000 Facebook fans. Paige is a brand that definitely understands the value and power of social media and online marketing, as well as engaging with bloggers. Check out our interview below.

At what point in your marketing strategy do you incorporate Social Media – is it considered from the beginning, or do you find ways to fit it in later?

We incorporate social media from the very beginning of our planning. We believe social media plays a key role in our overall marketing and outreach efforts and value the way it allows us to connect with consumers.

How big is your social media team?

We work with a digital agency called CA Creative for all of our social media efforts–they're a small team that works in a very hands-on way with one another and with us. We're in constant communication with them to strategize, brainstorm, and make sure they're aware of what's happening at the company, whether it's a new brand video that's coming out, upcoming sales, or new arrivals.

Has Social Media changed the process of your designers at all?

Social media has definitely influenced our design team, who use social media for inspiration and research on everything from street style trends to runway looks.

In what capacity do you work with bloggers?

We love to engage bloggers on Twitter and Facebook and really make sure they're on the pulse of what's happening with the brand. That includes inviting them to see the latest collections, having them into the stores so that they really get immersed into our world, and also featuring them wearing the product on the brand's Facebook page. It's really about starting lasting relationships and conversations between the bloggers and the brand.

What do you look for when choosing bloggers to work with?

The most important thing is that the blogger feels on brand–no matter how popular a blogger is, if he or she doesn't feel like a good fit, it won't work. It has to feel like a natural partnership, at the end of the day. We're big fans of a lot of people we work with because we discovered their blogs as true readers ourselves. We also look at their stats, but we also take into consideration their presence on all social media outlets: Twitter following, how their readers respond with comments, Klout score, Pinterest following, Instagram following, and Facebook fans and activity.


What value do you see in having bloggers at presentations? Are they there for coverage, or more to build relationships?

It's definitely beneficial to have bloggers come preview the collections for both reasons. Brands want to make sure bloggers know what's available now and what's coming up in the future so they can consider them for posts and get to know the brand as closely as possible. It's like a traditional editor relationship in that way. And then of course, the more face time you get with bloggers you want to work with, the better the relationship will be. That's really important if we want any future partnerships to feel authentic. And lastly, it's important to see who likes the brand, who fits with the brand, and talk about what each blogger's audience resonates with as well.

How do you measure the overall value of bloggers and social media?

There are so many great tools now that accurately measure the results of anything we do involving bloggers. Tweet Reach and Facebook Insights are two tools that we use regularly to measure our social media impact. The tools give us information about who is talking about the brand, how many people are seeing the content we create for our social media platforms, and who those people are. These tools help identify Paige Denim's core audience and key bloggers who are passionate about the brand.  And then, on a more intrinsic level, we pay attention to what's happening offline, in real life. We've had editors at magazines request styles based off something they saw a blogger wearing on her blog! Obviously, the influence of bloggers has really made massive strides in recent year.

What changes have you noticed in fashion marketing/PR over the past few years? What trends would you predict for the future?

Obviously, the biggest shift in the past few years has been the increasing attention paid to online sites and fashion blogs. Of course, there is still loads to be said for the beauty of a print magazine and the power of their readers, but as time goes on, online is becoming more and more important.

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  1. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    This is very much spot on. The brands that take the time to actually engage bloggers in person, be it product previews or just off the wall or informal ways are the ones that I as a blogger tend to think of first. The ones I make sure I keep room in my editorial calendar for. It’s so easy in this digital age to get lost in ‘virtual connections’, but it’s the personal engagement that ultimately leads to a higher value all around!