IFB Project #37: A Walk Down Memory Lane


Some kids have a beloved stuffed animal or blanket they can never let go of. My “security  blanket”? A pair of pink, polka-dot sunglasses.


I kid you not- I wore them everyday for at least 3 years. I was THAT kid who wore sunnies to preschool all the way to 2nd grade. I didn't care that I looked ridiculous because those sunglasses were my little dose of fun back then. Thankfully (or unfortunately?) my dad snapped a photo of me with my favorite pair at the breakfast table and to this day, we often laugh about those glasses which were eventually discarded for a My Little Pony set. This got me thinking. What was your first foray into fashion and dress-up? Were you the ultimate girlie-girl or a tomboy?

IFB Project #37: A Walk Down Memory Lane


This week, I want you to dig through your childhood photo albums and show off your younger self's crazy fashion sense. I know we've all donned crazy outfits while under parental persuasion and hopefully, your parents were able to snap a quick picture. You know, to properly embarrass you with! Why not share it for everyone to see? It just proves that you were a style rockstar at the ripe age of 5 or so, right? Scan an old photo or snap a Instagram of the photo (so meta!) and blog about the good ole days when wearing a pink tutu with your dad's fishing hat and your mom's glittery heels was totally acceptable.

Submit your links below and I will share the most hilarious photos next week!


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  1. ROXYmodae

    so upset i didn’t make it to the roundup : ( i’ll try agen next project. check out my profile b/c im looking to invite people into a private group of mine.