5 Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Experience

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If you could see the state of my computer, you would shake your head and laugh. I've got ten window tabs open, my blog reader is out of control, and don't even get me started on my crazy Pinterest feed that I can't stay away from.


It's a mess, to put it lightly. How did this happen? How did social media take over my life? Actually, the takeover was pretty easy. I started following more and more people on Facebook and Twitter, and started multitasking to the nth degree. Pretty soon, I was the mercy of social media. One frazzled evening as I was drowning in a crazy to-do list, I said “Enough is enough! I refuse to let social media take over my life.” It was at that moment that I stopped letting my life be dictated by social media.

How was I able to cut out the social media chaos and clutter? I basically cleaned house aka streamlined my social media life by deleting, purging and organizing. Post-social media reorganization, I realized that my social media experience had become something almost magical. I wasn't stressed, I wasn't frustrated. I was having fun! Go figure. Not only was I having fun but I was ten times more productive thanks to my streamlined experience.

One month later, I've noticed that my time on social media is much more focused and ten times more productive. With a little help and management, I was able to cut out the social media overload and finally focus on the most important feeds at hand.

If you need a little more peace in your online time, check out my 5 ways to maximize your social media experience:

1. Purge. Like your closet, if you don't manage your social media followers/following, it will start to overflow like crazy. Sit down one afternoon and weed through the people who just don't fit anymore. Don't worry, they aren't gone forever. But for now, you will feel better after they stop clogging your feed!

2. Get Listing. The beauty of lists is that you can organize people according to topics and you don't have to see their updates unless you specifically click on them. I've created a list of tweeters in a range of topics like interior design, fashion brands, style bloggers, etc. Now my feed is much more streamlined, which makes for better twitter reading.

3. Consolidate your streams. Viewing all of your streams in one place seems like a pipe-dream, right? WRONG! There are multiple apps that will combine all your social media streams into one dashboard. Hootsuite is a favorite of ours and it's a useful tool to sync up multiple Twitter streams in one dashboard. Also, instead of using a traditional blog reader, I've gone to Pulse which collects all of my news and blog posts into one big screen and organizes them all on my mobile device.

4. Be selective with your subscriptions. If your Facebook feed is inundated with updates from one company, it might be time to unsubscribe. I find that when it comes to Facebook, I would rather follow a small amount of people and get quality news than flood it with brands that I haven't shopped with in years. The good news is that you can hide certain brands but still like them. Just hover near the right hand corner in that particular update and click on the “Hide” option.

5. Avoid multiple-tab overload. As you read, I'm totally guilty of having at least 10 tabs open at one time. I used to convince myself that I needed all of those tabs open. Truth is: they only distracted me from the one screen I needed to focus on. Close out as many tabs as you can and stay focused! It will make you more concentrated and you will actually read the content that is in front you.


Are you planning on overhauling your social media experience? It's amazing how a few quick edits can make your social media experience even better than you could imagine. Do you have any social media management tips or questions about filtering your feeds? Share them in the comments section.


image from: Sharif Hamza for V magazine

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10 Responses

  1. Sharon

    For Twitter. . I am a follow me I follow you . . unfollow me I unfollow you . . so to manage I use Tweetdeck. I use lists/columns to divide followers into and I find it helps me better interact.

    On my Facebook Page, I do follow other bloggers and brands I like through it and I try to share the posts of other bloggers who I engage with on my page. It saves my personal profile for friends and family.

  2. Shay

    I recently tweeted about this. There are times when I feel there is just to many platforms that need my attention and needing to be kept up. The other day I wrote down all the social media sites I’m on and it blew my mind. but its all in the name of the blog. but for me, figuring out all my platforms, i try to devote at least 15 minutes to each, just so I can see what’s new, what’s going on and maybe add some news things.

  3. Erin

    Great tips. Social media can be a real time waster and before you know it, you’ve sucked up hours just link clicking and basically junk feeding! It’s addictive b/c it IS fun as are most things that aren’t productive 🙂 I am trying to get better at using it properly. X

  4. Dani

    Great tips! I´ll try to follow some of the steps.
    One great thing that I found was the Buffer App. when I see something it´s worth a tweet, I “buffer” it so I dont get to have lots of opened tabs waiting to be shared.
    Besos de Buenos Aires,

  5. LaTisha

    This article was needed! Last night I had 20 tabs open (Scouts honor) and was tempted to open more! All of it can end up being overwhelming and truth is, I am really just “catching up on the day”, skimming through pages of “fluff”.

    Thanks for this post. I will definitely get organizing!

  6. Emma

    Great tips. I should definitely clean my twitter feed once. it’s getting a bit to huge.

    As for the multiple tabs problem, Firefox 10 has this great new thing where you can group your tabs, I’ve been using it lately to keep my tabs that I have open for school separated from my other taps as to stay focused.

  7. Stefanie Grace

    Love this! So true! I’m going to get organising asap! I also feel like I need to streamline my use of them all before it all becomes a chore!

  8. kimmiepooh

    Great tips! I’m dealing with this now. I’ on multiple platforms and while they all serve their purpose, I have had to streamline a few things. Periodically I go through my Twitter followers to clean things up. I’ve connected with a few bloggers and brands that way so I try to support them and vice versa.

    I have been thinking about utilizing hootsuite so thanks for the reminder!

  9. TheStyleKaleidoscope

    My top tips are: Try not to read every single tweet that comes through on twitter. I think that is a bigger timesuck than facebook. Anyone who you don’t know in real life, take them out of your fb news feed. Finally, the world will not explode if you don’t blog by Sunday – you control the blog not the other way around!