IFB Project #38: Spring Break!

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A roadtrip through Arizona. A cruise off the coast of Mexico. Skiing in Tahoe. These are the types of vacations I dream up when I think about Spring Break. There's something about that magical week off in March or April, when you can leave your stress, your homework and your hometown for while and really escape. It has rejuvinating powers, and a serious sartorial identity. I always think of Spring Break in terms of bathing suits, shorts, beach bags and flowing maxi dresses, don't you?

Now, truth be told, I'm a fully employed adult who no longer gets the luxury of a Spring Break vacation, unless it's a weeked away in New Jersey (true story). However, it's still fun to dream about. Even if you can't get away (and especially if you can) it's fun to pretend, imagine and dream something up on your blog.


IFB Project #38: Spring Break Packing list!


Though we're stuck in NYC, IFB is dreaming of the perfect Spring Break. We want to see you guys dream up (or show us for real) your perfect Spring Break. Tell us where you're going, and show us what you'll wear once you get there. Neon shorts on the shores of St. Barths? Ikat printed jeans in the canyons of New Mexico? A beret on the streets of Paris? It's up to you! From exotic to domestic (maybe a staycation in your hometown?) let's take a trip together.




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  1. Teri Roughen

    I wish I was stuck in NYC! Maybe we should trade apartments for a vacation, you come to the beach and I’ll come to NYC! Teri