Top 5 Photo Gadgets for Bloggers


When it comes to cute photo gadgets, consider me obsessed.

I may not have a fancy camera (although I dream about splurging on a glorious Canon EOS 5D) but I have been known to stock up on all kinds of tech toys that promise to enhance my blogging experience and help me create better content. I'm not talking about fancy, complicated tech stuff either. These gadgets are simple and helpful. Trust me, I can't wait to use them at the next IFB Conference and Fashion Week. My life will be saved!

Which gadgets should be at the top of your shopping list? I picked out the top 5 that every blogger should have. Check it out:

  1. Folding Tripod: Attempting to get the best close-up shots of my outfit can be painful without a tripod. Who wants to see blurry close-ups? Not me. Instead, I use my tripod whenever I can and unlike the bigger, bulkier ones, this folding one is light and easy.
  2. White Balance Lens Cap: Let's face it: sometimes finding the best lighting to shoot your outfit shots is nearly impossible, especially during the winter months when you are cooped up indoors. Perfect for all SLRs, the lens cap includes neutral and warm white balance domes and is so easy to use, you won't believe it. Literally, just fasten the lens cap to your camera. DONE. Need to brush up on what white balance is? Head over here!
  3. Wireless Remote Shutter Release: It's a long name for such a simple gadget. But this remote really is a fashion blogger's best friend. In case your best friend/sister/husband/boyfriend/etc are busy, all you need is this super portable and compatible remote. Styling tips, not included.
  4. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 mm: What camera lens is hands down our favorite? The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens. This thing is AMAZING. It's cheaper than a f/1.4 but delivers the same high-quality shot. Plus, resident IFB Photographer Crissie Fuller claims its THE fashion girl lens. And so it is written.
  5. Lens Hood: With summer right around the corner, the season of overexposed photos has started. While you can't control the sun (frustrating, I know), with a lens hood, you can control the amount of brightness that sneaks into your camera. Sure, it won't completely block out all of the excessive light (that's what your camera settings are for) but it will prevent stray fragments of light from ruining your shot.


Thankfully, these tech gadgets aren't nearly as expensive as that fancy camera, which means I can stock up on more toys! Which gadget are you most excited for?


image from: Danilo Giulani in Grazia Germany via Fashion Gone Rogue

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10 Responses

  1. Erica

    I love this blog post! It’s exactly what I needed. I think I’ll buy… everything 🙂 I was curious about 2 things. The canon lens you mentioned, is it best for full length outfit shots or just like close ups. Not sure how all that works.

    And, is there any reason why you chose that lens hood? I click on it, having no idea what one was, and on the page there were 3 bigger ones that might block more light. Is the one you linked the best?

  2. chocolatecookiesandcandies

    I adore photography but I don’t take shots of myself. I’ve never heard of the white balancing lens before. What an amazing invention. Very practical because I hate traveling with gazillions of gadgets. I need to use my 50mm 1.8 lens more. My workhorse lens is the Canon 17-55mm IS f2.8 which weighs a ton. Admittedly, when I’m on the road I just shove the 50mm lens into my small handbag and it works a treat. I had problems focusing before but was advised by a photographer friend of mine to switch to manual function.

  3. John

    I absolutely love the folding tripod. It’s funny because I was a gifted an even smaller version of the one you mentioned above by my photographer uncle when I was very young. I think I was ahead of the game, but I’m so glad these are becoming more and more mainstream these days.

  4. TheStyleKaleidoscope

    I can’t do my blog without editing software/ In terms of photo editing software it’s better now than ever before as you can get expensive photoshop effects done in a matter of seconds on an app that costs less than £2, much to the annoyance of photoshop users that I know who paid through the nose for their software. They find it frustrating that technology has moved on so fast and that it’s not so exclusive anymore. And why should it be reserved for people with bigger wallets anyway? x

  5. Nancy Littel

    I love this post! I’m definitely going for the white balance lens cap and the remote. I already have a tripod, so that’s one thing off my checklist! Thanks for the great post

  6. Sabina

    Those all sound useful–thanks for the suggestions. I’m probably going to invest in a good tripod before I do anything else.

  7. steph

    Chrissie probably has a full frame DSLR, but I prefer the 35mm over the 50mm as I don’t own a full frame – as I suspect most people won’t at entry level.. but I do own the Nikon equivalent 50mm lens. I find that at a wide open aperture the 50mm isn’t quite as good taking full length shots, however it is brilliant for close ups!

  8. rae

    this is a really helpful post, especially concerning the white balance. the white balance lens cap is a really cool product, although it is a bit pricey for me at the moment. however, it sound as if it is very helpful.