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Despite the stormy clouds in New York today (sun, come out!), spring break has hit IFB.

Even though we can't really grab our bikinis and sunscreen (what would our office neighbors say?!), we still savor the best parts of spring including new wardrobe picks, brighter accessories and of course, big festivals where the music is loud and the energy is contagious.


Reflecting our spring fever, hopefully our top chic reads of the week will give you a brief respite this early Friday morning.

  1. This spring, the beauty look everyone is raving about is the bold lip- and we completely agree!
  2. discusses the Hollywood Reporter's “25 Most Powerful Stylists” which mentions Kate Young, Elizabeth Stewart and more. Noticeably missing? Rachel Zoe.
  3. In what might Spring's most perfect collaboration, WWD checks out the DKNY and BaubleBar collection.
  4. Fashion meets SXSW- FashionablyMarketing reviews fashion's best events and interactive campaigns at this year's SXSW.
  5. Hello spring! Matchbook Magazine delivers an eye-popping color palette that is our spring-go to for clothes and more!


What are you looking forward to this weekend? Be sure to pop on over here and join the IFB conversation. Today, we are talking about spring, fashion and everything in between! Just use the #TGIFB hashtag and chime in! Happy Friday everyone…

image from: Gemma Edo for Massimo Dutti via

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  1. magali

    It is not really easy when you do not have the change of seasons but I try my best :). Have just started blogging and I am happy with the results 🙂 X