IFB Project #39: Pair Your Pastels

pastel project

From makeup to pumps, pastels are huge in spring. Obviously, right? Pastels and spring go hand-in-hand.


I mean, even those disgustingly delicious Peeps are in pastel colors! Before we go on a major shopping spree, we did a little digging and tried to find different ways that we can pair our spring picks.


IFB Project #39: Pair Your Pastels


This week, I want to see how you'd pair your pastel fashion picks. Maybe you'd combine your pretty pink top with a pencil skirt. Or wear your light chambray button-up with a pair of white denim jeans. Whatever your fabulous mind decides upon, share it with me and your blog readers. You can create and post a collage of your picks or maybe Instagram your outfit. Whatever you do and however you share it, don't forget to submit your link below. Looking forward to seeing your perfect pastel outfits!

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7 Responses

  1. LaurenF

    I recently looked through my closet and realized that it is seriously lacking in the pastel department. I definitely need to remedy this situation!

  2. Kayte

    I’ll try to link up with this — I honestly don’t know that I own much in the way of pastels, though, except for my girly pink pajama set that I’m lounging around in now. Polka dots, oh yes!

  3. Shayne Renee

    After doing this project I realized that I need more pastels in my life. I tend to lean to bold brights. I feel a shopping trip coming on!

  4. Pariiz

    Already submitted one of my outfits, and next I’m going to dress this shade again 🙂 I LOVE PASTEL <3