4 Ways to Make Instagram Work For You

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Not one day goes by that I don't use Instagram. It's basically an addiction, but I can't help it!

However, I've noticed that I'm not using Instagram to its full potential. It seems so wrong that this great application that just hit 25 million users is stuck on my mobile device. Isn't it time that I start harnessing the power of Instagram?

Yes, yes you can! Step out of you safe Instagram box and really use your account to its max potential. (Ok, I'm done talking like a politician now…)

Here are 4 easy ways to get the most out of your Instagram account:

  • Incorporate Instagram onto your social media profiles: Because Instagram is such a personal outlet and reflection of my life, I enjoy sharing my photos on both my blog and Facebook. With new widgets and plugins, it has never been easier to add my Instagram feed on all of my digital spaces. To add Instagram onto your Facebook as a tab, you will need to use Instagram's API (application programming interface) and create a Facebook tab that grabs the information from the API.  Ifyou are familiar with API codes, you can do it yourself too. After finishing the coding, your tab will look like this. Seamless and a fun destination for your friends and blog readers! For your blog, you can find a plugin that uploads your Instagram feed either as a widget for your sidebar or footer. Do a little digging and make sure that the size fits within your selected area.
  • Promote your blog posts: The beauty of Instagram is that it basically operates just like Twitter. You get a constantly-updated feed that shows and shares visual content. If you want to virally spread your blog posts and generate more traffic to your blog, you should start promoting your blog posts on your feed. Not only will it help your reader visually comprehend your post, it will also allow you to reach a bigger audience. To do this, I use Dropbox and save all of my blog pictures in a “blog Instagram” folder. Then I access these photos on my mobile device (after downloading the Dropbox app, of course). Don't forget to use Bit.ly when adding a caption to your Instagram feed, which will shorten your blog links and also track how many click-throughs you received.
  • Pin your images: Talk about a cross-platform marketing tactic! By pinning your Instagram images, you offer a more personal look into your life outside of your blog. I've noticed that many bloggers and brands are doing this and I love it! I'm all about more original content on Pinterest and pinning your Instagrams can help increase your presence on the digital space.
  • Take on an Instagram challenge: Let's face it, sometimes your Instagram feed can get pretty formulaic. Beat back the Instagram rut by taking on a photo challenge. You can join a month-long Instagram project (#marchphotoaday, which IFB is embarking on) or create your own. If you are a business traveler, maybe vow to take a photo a day from each hotel room. Or take the obligatory airplane shot. One Instagram trend I enjoy following is called #fromwhereIstand where users take pictures of their feet in various parts of the world. While it may sound lame, it's actually interesting. Whatever challenge you take on, have fun with it and play around. That's what a challenge is all about!
Cross-platform sharing, blog promotion, pinning images and photo challenges are just some of the ways that you can take your Instagram account outside of your iPhone and into the great online space. Do you have any other ideas of how you can use your Instagram content in a unique, fresh way? Share it in the comments section!

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28 Responses

  1. Rajnish

    Before reading this article I wasn’t knowing what is a “Instagram” 🙁
    But after reading this I am realizing what I was loosing.

    • Sean

      Wow Rajnish that is some beautiful information, i’m very glad you were benifited in such an amazing manner. It is wonderful that you are not loosing out on a instagram now.

  2. Meghan

    This is great! Instagram is probably my favorite app on my phone, and I’ve been curious how to utilize it better for my blog. Thanks!! xo, Meghan

  3. Joanna Tamsin

    This is a fantastic post.I’ve just started using Instagram and I could see the potential of this application. Your post has just given me loads more ideas. Thanks so much Jo xx

  4. Célèste

    Does anyone know of a good instagram widget for Blogger. I’ve been looking for one for a while with no luck. Thanks!

  5. Angel Court Jewels

    Thank you for sharing so many great tools!!! I’ve added the bit.ly link, but it doesn’t show up as a clickable link in my instagram feed (only text) should it?

    Thank you,

  6. Libby

    SnapWidget — http://snapwidget.com/ — is great for blogspot– you just copy and paste code they give you to make a grid of your instagram pictures (it updates automatically). You can customize the layout of your grid, picture size, etc.

  7. Elisa

    i have instagram pics on my blogger and I always post pictures or my twitter and tumblr. I wish they did a pinterest option, it would be really easy rather than saving every picture onto your computer and uploading them from there (unless someone knows a short cut)
    great post, very informative.

  8. Punky

    Elisa, if you just want to post a PInned item into a blog post you can use the Embed code.

    WordPress has a widget that pulls your recently pinned items, but I havent seen on for blogger yet.

  9. Camryn

    Hey i had some fashion tips and stuff to share to yall to have that fresh everday look just go to favebook and look up “Get Fashion?” there will be a link to go to my website!

  10. Jacqueline Jax

    Terrific post. I have also discovered that tumblr allows you to link your instagram so every time I post on one, it auto pilots a photo and links to the other. It’s great because I can hit archive on my http://jacquelinejax.tumblr.com/archive page and my month of cool pics are magically revealed at a glance. Share that link and your followers will love it. Check it out!

  11. Olivia Bosek

    Hey! I can’t figure out how you are getting some of your instagram photos to appear in your news feed on your facebook fan page? I have the app on my facebook fan page, but I cannot seem to get it to post to my fan page only my personal. HELP PLEASE! (this may be because I have an android)

  12. Vanessa

    Thank you in advance for your time, how do you make your bitly links as clickable hyperlinks? I attempted to do it in the comments below a published photo. Do you place it in the caption while creating a new photo post? Thanks again, Vv