10 Secrets of Super Productive Style Bloggers

For a lot of us, productivity, time management and balance are some of the most difficult things to master as a blogger. Many of us are working full time, students or self-employed entrepreneurs – not to mention people who like to step out from behind the screen and see actual people and places once and a while.

When the pressure is on to perform and produce results as well as keep your personal life together, how do we do it? Well, I'm no expert, so I turned to some of IFB's favorite (and crazy-productive) bloggers for their best tips for staying organized, getting things done and still living life to the fullest!

The Secrets of Super Productive Style Bloggers

Alicia, Cheetah Is The New Black

I find that stepping away from my computer for mini escapes actually increases my productivity and simultaneously gives me inspiration. I like to go for a walk to get out of my apartment or usual surroundings and enjoy discovering new neighborhoods, streets, restaurants and quaint bookstores.

Grace, Stripes & Sequins

I'm a big fan of TeuxDeux.  All day long while I'm at work, I leave the desktop version open, so that I can add/check things off of my list.  It also has a mobile app component, so that when I'm on the go I can add things to the list.  It helps keep me in check!  I'm also a big fan of writing things down.  I always seem to have at least 5 lists going on, and I'm obsessed with my Filofax calendar!

Katy, SugarLaws

I also try to put in at least an hour of blog work every day, whether that's checking in on Twitter, responding to emails, or actually creating a post.  I'm almost always working on something for Sugarlaws when I'm watching television or relaxing at night — those are useful hours when you figure out how to put them to use!  Multitasking is key. 

Jess, Fresh Jess

I love Evernote. Whether I'm on my phone or laptop, I can update my to-do lists, jot down blog post ideas, screenshot event flyers or save pictures I need for later posts. It's the closest thing I have to “everything in one place.”

Meghan, Wit & Whimsy

Maximize your free time by thinking of and planning out your posts ahead of time. When I think of a post idea, I make note of it in my “reminders” on my iPhone so it's easy to draft up when I sit down to do a new post. Also, take advantage of tools like Pinterest for easy and accessible imagery when you're in a bind for new content. Same goes for Instagram. 

Kris, Young, Married, Chic

I find that when working from home the hardest thing to do is stick to a schedule. Every night before I go to bed I write a list for the next day. It includes meal times, a gym session, and time I need to spend writing/working in projects. I make sure I stick with it and shut down my computer at 6pm daily. Making time for “me” is important too!

Erica Chan, Honestly… WTF

I rely heavily on lists to help prioritize and balance my work load. Lauren and I recently started sharing the same Google Calender, which allows me to schedule posts, events, and conference calls all in one place. It's definitely an essential tool, especially for two people who don't work under the same roof! 

Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY

It is easy to get sucked into social media at all hours of the day when you have an iphone, so I have one rule that I enforce pretty strictly: No cell phones on the table at dinner or social media when hanging with friends. You need to be present in life. I think this helps with balance.

Molly Miller, A Piece Of Toast

We [Molly and her sister, Sally] make tons of hand written notes in our Archie Grand notebooks from J.Crewnothing beats putting pen to paper to capture ideas and to-do lists!  It also makes crossing things of lists that much more fun. To stay energized we drink tons of water and start the day with a good breakfast and tea (for Sally) and black coffee (for Molly). Our 9-5 day jobs keep us crazy busy so the blog often takes a back seat… Keeping a close eye on Twitter, Facebook and our Google Reader accounts help us stay in the loop on what other bloggers are taking about and keeping in touch with readers and friends!

Christine White, Court + Hudson

I use Sundays as a day to prep for a busy week ahead. While a monthly editorial calendar works for some, I prefer scheduling a week's worth of content so that it stays true to how I'm feeling at that moment. I list out all of my ideas for the week and determine what posts I need to get done then and there based on the week's work meetings and after-office activities. It always feels so good to check something off the list!

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28 Responses

  1. Molly

    Thank you so much for asking us to share our tips!! I feel like all these other bloggers are 100 times more busy than I am – I don’t know how they do it!

  2. Lizzie R. Muriel

    It’s funny since I was writing a blog about this same today. I’m a new mom again after 18 years and a SAHM, business owner, and beauty blogger. It’s hard to find time to take care of a 4 months old, business, home, and TRY to get time with my hubby and MYSELF.

    Thanks for this and xoxo to all my fellow bloggers!

  3. Jade

    Great advice! I’ve recently been using the Notes on my iPhone but have literally just now uploaded the TeuxDeux app on my phone 🙂

  4. the mannikin

    fantastic! this is super helpful, and exactly what I needed to read at this time in my life (trying to keep the blog going with a full time job and wedding planning and everything else we all do in life). Thanks so much! xx

  5. Emmy

    Thanks for posting another set of great tips. The key, as many pointed out, is scheduling and being organized. I’ll try to do these.

  6. Kerry

    Great ideas for organization and maintaining balance. I feel like present in real life is the key for good blog posts. I was also using the notes on my iPhone but am downloading TeuxDeux as well! Thanks again and very excited to have discovered some new blogs!

  7. Lindsey Young

    What great tips from all these very successful bloggers! I’ll definitely have to check out one of those task lists sites! Sounds like a good thing to incorporate into a daily routine!


    I really connected with Kris’ advice. At the moment I’m in between jobs, so being at home leaves me without any kind of structure. Starting Monday I will definitely take that planning towards my blogging and life in general until a 9-5 comes along.

  9. Asmá

    I love these tips! I have to agree that Evernote is super helpful…it’s just simple to use and keeps you organised.

  10. TheFashionistachic

    thanks for the tips, i am so inspired. I am having trouble sleeping so i am not productive when i am always feeling sluggish. My biggest challenges is my editorial calendar. But I am sure the harder i work the easier it will become.

  11. Sandra

    Great tips! It’s always a constant struggle juggling work and the blog. I try to write a few posts over the weekends and prepare them to post day by day. Otherwise I usually just sit in front of the tv after work and blog the night away!

  12. MARIA

    Great tips here! I’m a wife and have a full time (non fashion) job. I also have a Fashion blog and at night at least one hour is dedicated to blogging/social media.
    1. smart phone alerts or agenda reminders are key
    2. to do lists
    3. post its or notes near a visible area, desk, kitchen etc…

  13. Nicole

    Great tips! I also use a program called Daylite which houses my calendar, todo list, projects and calendar all in one interface. It helps tremendously!!!!

  14. Stephanie

    I am totally a list keeper. I also have 2 day planners. One is mainly for blogging and college. The second is for work (because I have to travel to see clients,) doctor appointments, and other things I need to remember.

  15. Tracy Gibb

    Great tips! I’m a mom, have a full time job, and run my blog. It’s such a struggle to maintain everything. I love posts like this.

  16. Casey Shteamer

    Thanks for the tips, it looks like To Do Lists are key. I use Wunderlist currently but Evernote looks cool too. Thanks. I am more curious on what to focus on as a new blogger. I am not sure what the more important components are yet. Any advice? Things besides the actual posts.

  17. Taylor Van Slett

    I have never heard more inspiring words!

    “Being present in life”- something most of us take for granted!