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Not sure how to respond to a nasty email? Unclear about how to approach a favorite blogger? Is there such a thing as too much tweeting?

All of your questions (and more) will be answered with IFB's new “Ask Amanda” series.

Look, the rules about blogging and social media etiquette are awfully fuzzy and sometimes, all you need is a dose of helpful advice from a pro. Every week, I will answer two submitted questions from various bloggers and hopefully offer some insight into this big, crazy blogging world. From Twitter to photography to networking, I know you've got burning questions and need help so send them my way!

Whatever your dilemma is, I'm here to support you and your blog's community by giving out the best advice possible!

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5 Responses

  1. Janesko

    I am launching an accessory line (starting with jewelry) and I was wondering, what is the best way to contact fashion bloggers? Are formal press releases still valid? Do I contact bloggers before the launch to create a buzz, or do I wait until I am ready to launch with all my finished pieces?

  2. Roy-

    @Janesco- You should contact fashion bloggers by using google alerts. Once they visit your website collect their emails and get subscribers. An now when you have a big product to launch then email the list. This is one idea. You can also do press release before the launch that will create huge Buzz

  3. Julia

    I would really like to know how to make people answer to a few questions on my blog. When I approach people whom I am interested to feature on my blog, they never replied.