IFB Project Round Up #40: Go Bright Or Go Home

For every ying there is a yang; a silver bangle for a gold one. Or something. In the case of this week's project, we're contrasting the pastels from two weeks ago with bright bold hues. We challenged all of you in the community to show us how you wear bold lipstick, bright nails and even colorful eyeshadow.


The submissions this week were colorful and creative – we loved them all! Not surprisingly, our stylish community seems to have a knack for mixing great outfits with bold make up looks. As usual it was difficult to narrow down our selections, but alas, it's how the whole thing works. Thank you all for your fantastic posts, you're beautiful (and brightly colored)!


From lipstick to nail art, here are our 10 favorite posts from this week's IFB project:


1. Love Peachy Keen's bold look with a tropical twist

2. Carmelista pairs pink lips and a blue ensemble

3. Mermaid Eyes shows us purple liner and pink lips

4. These London girls are all about red and pink lips (and shoes!)

5. The unexpected combination of green and bright lips is darling on twIn Style

6. J. Rose Style takes neon nail art to the next level

7. Tangerine nails and more on Candy & Style

8. Adore Blushing Black's tangerine lips

9. She Wrote does pink & black, with fierce shades to boot

10. Take your pick of bold lipsticks from Chocolate, Curves and Cocktails


Be sure to check out to all the posts from this week's project here, and check back for the new project on Friday at 3pm!


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5 Responses

  1. barefoot duchess

    Congratulations to everyone!! They were all great, but my top favorites were the post of Peachy Keen with her tropical mood and that of Blushing Black and her tangerine lipstick! Oh, and J. Rose Style’s nails!!