8 Insights From Chic Bloggers Who Happen to be Moms

Do you ever get the feeling that the book, I Don't Know How She Does It was written about a style blogger you know? A woman who manages to work, blog, socialize, exercise and live life – seemingly without missing a beat or breaking a sweat? We talked to a few of our favorite super-productive bloggers last week, and got some insights into just how they do it. To-do lists, cool apps and taking time away from the computer all seem to contribute to a more fruitful work flow, but what happens when you throw a kid into the mix?

We all admire our own mothers for raising us and being wonderful, and I think maybe we should also take a second to admire some of our favorite style bloggers who are also parents – talk about a balancing act! From Rockstar Diaries and The Day Book, to Jen Loves Kev, Oh Joy and Adored Austin – different bloggers share different pieces of their lives, sometimes gushing about parenthood, and other times leaving it to the imagination. It's all about what feels right for each individual (and their family).

IFB chatted with a couple of our favorite bloggers, Jordan of Ramshackle Glam and Ann of Holier Than Now, who are also moms. We asked them about personal style, time management and the perception of the whole “mommy blogger” community. Whether or not you're a parent, every blogger has to decide for themselves how much to share or withhold from their readers. No matter what your family or dating or marital status may be (all the single ladies, all the single ladies?), these women are fabulous examples of striking a balance that works for them.


On balancing work, blog and family:


Jordan: “The most important thing that I've found is that I have to be extremely flexible. I used to be very rigid about my schedule, working more or less steadily from about 8AM to about 6:30PM, but now I have to work for thirty minutes here, an hour there, all during naps or Yo Gabba Gabba episodes. This was definitely a challenging shift to make, but it also forced me to be extremely focused and productive during the times when I am able to work – I don't have time for anything extraneous, which in some ways in a plus. My new schedule also means that I now have to get a bit of work done during the evenings and on weekends, whereas before my son's arrival I had a strict no-work-on-weekends policy. I still prioritize family time on weekends and keep work to a minimum, but sometimes it can't be helped.”


On how having a child affected what she shares on her blog…


Jordan: For a short time after giving birth I pulled back from talking about “personal” topics because I was very nervous about sharing anything about my child. There were many reasons for this, including questioning whether or not my readers would be interested in reading about pregnancy and motherhood…but it was mostly because it was important to me to convey that the site is not about my child or his life, and, as such, his life and self are not topics that are open for discussion the same way that mine is. So while I'm excited to share photos and stories with my readers and definitely do, I am extremely selective about what I put out there, and only share things that both my husband and I feel comfortable with.

On the other side of the coin, I've felt an intimacy develop between myself and my readers since I gave birth that wasn't necessarily there before, and in many ways I share much, much more than ever before. My readers saw me through the biggest transition I've ever gone through and gave me enormous support and comfort during times when I doubted myself very much, and I feel very close to them because of that.


Ann: “I think if I had started blogging while I was single, I would have shared a lot about my personal life because there was so much happening, so much drama and excitement.  Crazy times really.  I’m much more private about my personal life now out of respect for my family, and that’s probably a good thing – thank god all those stories from back in the day aren’t on the internet.”


On how your perspective on life (and blogging) changes with kids…


Ann: “I think anything in your life that really brings you joy in a solid way – whether it’s a personal achievement, a child if that’s what you desire, a relationship etc. – gives you a foundation of confidence to be yourself and not care what people think.  You can take away my career and readership and all that stuff but I can always take my family and move to a beach shack somewhere and be happy.”


On how your personal style evolves with parenthood…


Ann: “For one thing, I have a much better casual wardrobe because I work at home a lot, and it was important to me not to live in my pajamas.  I think overall I started caring more about my wardrobe and being somewhat brazen in my choices because I refused to give in to that notion that “it’s all downhill from here.”


Jordan: “I've always been pretty into simple, comfortable clothing, but now I think about things like “do I care if it gets stained?” Dry-clean only clothing just doesn't really get worn these days (other than for shoots), and now I'm all about cute, comfortable flats that make it easy for me to tote around my son, whereas before you had to pull me away from my heels kicking and screaming. On a day-to-day basis I generally stick to well-made basics in solid colors or stripes that I can throw on and feel good in without much thought.”


On the term, “mommy blogger” …


Ann: I think at first blush that term sounds somewhat belittling, but parents writing about parenting drive a lot of traffic and business, and for good reason.  If you are a trusted voice in the mom or dad-o-sphere, I admire you, because it is very difficult to talk about your personal parenting choices and open yourself to the opinions and critiques of other parents!


Jordan: “You know, a couple of years ago I went on a blogger trip to Mexico that included a bunch of “mommy bloggers,” and that was both the first time I heard the term and the first time I realized that it was pretty loaded, with mostly negative connotations. The truth is that I'm still not entirely clear on what's going on with these blogs and their detractors, so it's tough for me to land on one side or another of an argument that's fairly opaque to me. I do write about my experiences as a mother, so of course that's part of how I characterize my site…but I don't define myself or my site by my status as a parent.


We'd love your feedback on balancing family life and your blog! How do you do it, whatever your dynamic may be?


[image credits: Ramshackle Glam, Rockstar Diares, The Day Book, Jen Loves Kev]

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28 Responses

  1. Natasha

    I started my blog when my daughter was 2months old. If I wasn’t a mother I would have never started blogging at all…I needed something to keep me from staying in yoga pants all day 🙂 And also something to make me feel somewhat connected to the fashion world. Motherhood and blogging are the perfect combo, although I don’t talk much about being a mom on my blog, because I don’t think my readers want that…but maybe I’m wrong 🙂

  2. Monica

    I am so happy to see this. When I started my blogsite, I had a lot of issues over photos of my children because I am very personal and protective of them and also because the its not about my kids, or really me in particular for that matter. I felt a lot of pressure to do it. I’m glad to see others had the same sort of dilemma.

    In the end I decided against it and save the personal stuff for my blogs instagram, even that is very limited.

    I don’t know how I feel about the term “mommy blogger”. I think the term does hold a bit of a negative. It implies that what we do isn’t professional. We are moms sitting around bored and writing for free stuff. This is work. Being a mom is work. Blogging is work. We deserve to be taken as seriously as every other blogger.

  3. Jyoti (Style-Delights)

    As a mother who runs a style blog, I can tell you first hand how busy the life could get! And I admire and respect these two so much for the effort they put! Time management and prioritizing tasks is the most important stuff for bloggers who have kids! I also am leery of the word ‘mom blogger’ my blog has nothing to do with parenting or motherhood, I occasionally share the tid-bits of my activities as a mother, but I consider my blog a pure fashion and style blog! It is like a doctor writing a blog about food and you call it a ‘medical food blog’!

  4. M.E. Ster

    My blog has been a bit neglected since my baby came 6 months ago.

    Juggling designing my own line and owning a women’s boutique, I haven’t made it a priority.

    I have been doing more & more twitter and instagram, but am finally feeling ready to blog again, and incorporating being a parent and fashion, and my life in general into it.

    Thanks for a great post!

  5. Emmy

    Thank you sooo much for this great article. I am a stay-at-home mom who just started blogging last year, and these two women have given great insight on how “mommy bloggers” work. I love this quote from Ann: “You can take away my career and readership and all that stuff but I can always take my family and move to a beach shack somewhere and be happy.” Hear hear!

  6. Sharon

    Though, I am a single mother of two, I am not a mommy blogger at all. I work part time, run my business full time, blog, network, maintain my girlie figure, and stay fashionable. My blog is not a really a personal one though, personal stories do make it there being a lifestyle blogger so, I don’t really share photos of my children.
    I look at blogging as I do everything else in my life, something I must do to follow my dreams. Because, being a mother doesn’t end my dreams. And my dreams coming true benefit my children. It is just a matter of finding balance.

  7. Rose

    Hi Jordan! Couldn’t figure out how to comment on your site about this, so I just wanted to say THANK YOU for not making your blog about “your baby and his life” and sticking to your blog’s identity that your readers know and love. Of course, I’m happy to read the tidbits here and there about your baby, and see his cute pictures, but mostly because it makes me happy that you have a beautiful family, are able to balance your work and personal life, and still connect to your readers in a way that is inspiring and fun. Keep up the good work!

  8. Renee | Beauty Fool

    Loved this, thanks so much! While I’m not a mom (and no where near it), I actually really love reading “mommy blogs”… so much to learn “for the future” so to speak. And am a big fan of Jordan’s!

    x Renee

  9. Jordan Reid

    @Rose – thank you so much! I definitely still wonder at times whether I’m striking the right balance, so your comments mean a lot.

  10. Mads

    I am a mother and a blogger and dislike the term mommy-blogger but that may be because my blog is not about my personal life/style and more a news aggregator and fashion/beauty advice portal.

    Each to their own but I would feel uncomfortable putting my children (ages 2 & 6) onto any online public forum. My sister in law is Head Teacher at a school (in the UK) and is told at all her child protection meetings/courses to advise parents against putting their children onto the internet.

    Besides, as the children aren’t old enough to decide whether they actually want to be ‘out there’, I’m not about to do it on their behalf.

    I have no issues with parents who decide otherwise and some of my friends’ FB accounts/blogs are pretty much homages to their kids but it’s not for me.

    In the early days my blog was a lifesaver (when I could find the time) as it reminded me I was more than a milk/nappy changing machine!

  11. Jennifer Malcriada

    As a single mom of two kids, I originally intended to incorporate them more into my blog–for their clothing. The same way it is possible for women to wear fashionable clothing on a budget, so it is for children’s clothing–I don’t have to depend on Walmart Garanimals 100% (although I do buy their staples like leggings, etc.) However, this coincided with my kids not letting me dress them anymore, so what they wear is nothin’ I’m into–letting them off the hook! LOL

    I do feature them every once in a while, and sometimes at their request! But my blog is personal style, about me, and my kid mentions are anecdotal and usually just about something funny they said about my clothes.

    I’m a huge Ramshackle Glam fan and I think Jordan strikes a great balance with the content she includes about her family, knowing that first and foremost the reader is there for *her*.

  12. Maria V @CrashingRed

    Great post!!! As a new mom who is also a personal style blogger I agree with Jordan completely. There is no time for anything extra… and you find yourself blogging at strange hours…

    Another thing, I do not talk about my baby or our family on my blog at all simply because I just don’t want to be called mommy blogger. I prefer to blog about fashion and style not about nappies. Even if word “nappies” may drive more traffic than “mirrored print”…

  13. Donna Ladd

    What a great post. As a fellow mom blogger I hope to make my site more personal and this article is so insightful. I would love to see a mom forum on IFB! Any brooklyn moms out there? Love to do a meet up soon, feel free to email!
    [email protected]

  14. Marta

    I am the mother of two boys, one baby and one toddler, I have a full time job and I have a blog (fashion and trends). I have to say that it is not easy every day but to make it wirk I sacrifice my sleeping time. There is no way I can fit the blog during the day, so only focus on the blog when the kids are in the bed. I don t complain because this blog is a breath of fresh air. It is something that I do for me on my free time and it is quite an exciting adventure. I ll be checking the other blogs that I ve seen in the comments, it seems that many fashion bloggers are moms too !! xx from Brussels

  15. Helen

    Great to read about other mum/style/bloggers. I launched mine last month because I found so many friends and new mum-acquaintances always talking about how bad they feel and really just being down on themselves, purely because they don’t feel like themselves anymore. We have zero time for ourselves but we can still feel good about ourselves, we just need a bit of inspiration. Which is why it’s great there are so many inspirational mums out there who show others can do it!
    You know, just those little ideas wear x with y or swap a for b can make you feel so much more put together but you just need someone to suggest it sometimes!
    And yes, for those of us that try to inspire and share our ideas we do end up staying up late and hurriedly typing when baby naps!! But I’m sure it’s worth it!!

  16. Nikki @ Styling You

    I’m a mum who blogs. As simple as that. I choose to write about fashion and beauty … and blogging and a lot of my readership are mums too but I don’t write about parenting. The fact that I have three kids (including two teenagers) does define me to some extent though and allow a connection with my readership I would not otherwise have. I say, own the fact you are a mum and still write and blog about the things that you’re passionate about.

  17. Ivory W. Rieger

    I actually blog with my offspring, she’s 17 now. We just started up TooDreamy together a few weeks back and are loving it so far. Can’t wait for summer when we can strike out to SanFran together and take our own shots of things and post them. So far it’s a fun collaboration and new opportunity to find common ground, especially in these later years of childhood when they pull away and become adults.
    Nice to see IFB recognizes all the hard work and contributions of you “mommy bloggers” with young ones, I don’t know how you manage the sleep deprivation with it all!
    Best to all,

  18. Norma Fay

    Great article. I was checking out the different women clothing websites this weekends, but I didn’t see anything with prices as good as Burlington has. I found some great summer clothes for half what they would cost in the department store.