iFB’s Top 30 iPad Apps

With all the buzz about the newest iPad – we decided to give the device a little attention. Full disclosure – I have an iPad 2, but there's also an iPad 3 in the office (and a couple original iPads…)

We didn't think another comparative review would help much. Instead we came up with a list of our very favorite iPad apps:

(get ready… there are a lot of them!)

The Basics:

1- Flipboard: Flipboard takes content from your Google Reader, Facebook Feed, Twitter Stream and a multitude of other feeds and displays them all in a gorgeous magazine style layout you can easily flip though.

2 – Twitter: Let's be honest – sometimes you just need good old twitter and nothing else. Their iPad app is fantastic too, easy to use and easy to switch between multiple accounts.

3 – Facebook: Facebook finally released an app that lets you view your timeline in all it's gorgeous goodness on your iPad screen.

4 – HootSuite: The go-to app for social media multitaskers. The HootSuite app is just like HootSuite on your desk top – except in the iPad version a cute little owl pops up in the corner to let you know you've posted a tweet. (He makes me giggle overtime…)

5 – Skype: Video conference calls, what's up!? We all know and love Skype – iPad Skype just makes you feel like you're in the future. No wires, no phones, no problem!

6 – Evernote: Note taking to the next level! Attach documents, record audio, video, photographs! And the best part is – it all syncs back to your computer, woo-hoo!

7 – Dropbox: All your files, everywhere you need them. I love this app for moving pictures from my computer to my iPad! (And visa-versa!)


Fashion Apps:

8 – Style.Com: Everything you love about Style.Com – right on your iPad. Fashion shows, party pics, tons of video! This is a great app for keeping up with the latest in fashion.

9 – PopSugar: This is a little more gossipy than fashiony – but still a good source of celebrity style!

10 – The Cut: New York Magazine's fashion feed. The great part about this app is it lets you search by season and trend. SO, if you are looking for Polka-Dot Dresses that were shown for Fall 2012 – bingo! Right at your finger tips.

11 – The Collection: All of the New York Times style coverage in one pretty, pretty place – you iPad screen.

12 – WWD: If you have a digital subscription to Women's Wear Daily the iPad app delivers it to you every morning, no need to wait for the mail!



13 – Gilt: Things can get dangerous with iPad shopping… This app lets you shop all of Gilt Group's sales, with a flick of your finger.

14 – ShopStyle: All of your favorite brands in one place. Scroll though shoe after gorgeous shoe and every dress you could ever dream of – and then, just click to buy!

15 – Zappos: A simple, effective shopping interface with easy search functions. What else would you expect from Zappos?

16 – Google Catalogs: Shop all of your favorite brands directly from their catalogs! You can even fold down the corners of the pages you love – and then use them to make collages. Everything you love about catalogs – with out waisting all that paper.


Photo Apps:

17 – xnView Photo FX: An easy to use photo-editor that lets you give your photos a vintage look, alter the colors and apply cool effects.

18 – PS Express: PhotoShop express for your iPad! The basics of PhotoShop, at your finger tips (and it's free!) Edit exposure, saturation, contrast. Plus add frames and special effects.

19 – Diptic: Make quick, fun photo collages that you can share directly to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr!

20 – Blurb Mobile: A great way to create photo stories on your iPad, put all your pics into a slide show to share with friends!

21 – Instapad: Your instagram feed on your iPad. What more do you need in life?


Etc., Etc., Etc.

22 – NPR: All the best of National Public Radio right on your iPad. Visually browse through all the top stories and listen with a click. It also give you access to listen to any NPR radio station live!

23 – Kindle: If the book you want isn't in iBooks – check out Kindle (Amazon's e-reader!) The app is free, and the books are usually pretty cheap on Amazon!

24 – Keynote: This one costs a little more money – but it is SO worth it if you are in a world where you are deeply involved with Power Point Presentations. I used it constantly at school – group presentation? Whip out the iPad an finish it in class. Big business presentation? Work on it where ever you are.

25 – QuickOffice: Another one that you have to spend a little cash on – but if you are going to be using your iPad to edit Microsof Word or Excel documents, it's worth the spend!

26 – Pandora: Turn your iPad into a radio. Do I need to say more?

27 – Storify: An easy and fun way to tell stories with social media.

28 – Draw Something: If you loved it on the iPhone – the iPad app will blow you away. We're obsessed with playing…

29 – Wunderlist: An awesome, free, to-do list app that you can share with friends and co-workers.

30 – Magazines!!  This is broad – but I have to say, every magazine subscription I've bough for my iPad's “NewsStand” I have loved. (Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair…) And it's easy to screen shot your favorite spreads and (using some of the other apps on our list!) turn them into blog posts!


Do you have an iPad? What are your favorite apps?


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13 Responses

  1. justine

    BLOGSY is the most amazing, cutest app for blogging out there – it actually made me prefer to blog from my iPad instead of my computer. Links with tons of platforms.

    SNAPSEED is the best photo editing app, hands down.

    NOTABILITY is great if you have a stylus, you can handwrite your notes right onto the iPad and it makes my handwriting look even better than on paper.

    ZENBRUSH is not your typical drawing app – it’s an amazing, elegant brush style with tons of backgrounds that is perfect for the budding fashion illustrator.

    all of these are lifesavers for me, in addition to the ones mentioned in this article!


  2. justine

    And omg, what about the Daily W?? Short & sweet fashion articles, a new one every day, from W Mag & Michael Kors.

  3. Donatella

    My favorite app is shopsyle : it’s where I browse for almost all my inspirations for DIY!

  4. Beth McGuire

    Thank you for the great suggestions! Many of these are my favs too! I’m enjoying the new ones as well! The iPad is fabulous!!!

  5. Everyday to Runway, Lauren

    Love this list. Also obsessed with Flipboard which manages: instagram, websites such as Cool Hunter, and magazines, can even connect to your twitter/facebook to share. All in one!

  6. ipas

    I really appreciate what you are doing with your blog. It is so hard to find a blog with great content to read. Seems like I have finally found one. Thank for the great information. I will surely tell my fellow bloggers about your site. again thanks a million Anthony

  7. Kelly

    My favorite iPad app that allows you to shop, style, and organize your closet all at the same time is StylSavvy. SEE FOR YOURSELF! It is the mothership of all iPad apps because it lets you see everything in outfits, not individually.