Amazing Marketing Campaigns (& 6 ways they can help you)


I have to admit something – I am a huge marketing nerd. Whenever a brand comes up with a clever new campaign I just get all giddy! And when they intelligently (and successfully) integrate social media? Stop it – that's like being first in line at the Manolo Blahnik sample sale! (Swoon.)

A few recent campaigns got me thinking – what can we, as bloggers, learn from corporate marketing? So here are a few brands who have wowed me lately with their integrated marketing pushes – and the lessons you can take away from them!


Cole Haan

If you live in New York City you've probably seen Cole Haan's Subway Stories campaign – it's every where. Plastering subway stations and cars, and towering over us on billboards. Each of the ads (you can see them all here) features a “subway story” and tells you to share your own on their Facebook page.

When you vist them on Facebook – the cover photo reflects the campaign, and when you visit their website it is easy to spot the subway stories theme. On top of all that they ran a contest with Refinery29 to find NYC's most stylish hood. They hit us NYC fashionistas from all angles with a consistant message and memorable branding.  Cheers to their marketing team!

What can you learn from Cole Haan?

  • Think Local – This was successful because they thought like New Yorkers and hit us where it mattered. Think about where you live. What could you do on your blog to highlight your city? Could you profile another local blogger? Or maybe a fashion designer from the area? What parts of your city could you use to help define your personal brand or your blog's niche?
  • Get Personal – Ask your audience to share photos or stories about themselves! But keep it simple – maybe you just bought a bright red lipstick – try asking your readers to tell you their favorite shade of red, or when they love to rock it!

Kate Spade

Kate Spade has been wow-ing me for a few years now. Last year with their “Year of Color” and this year with their “Year of Pattern.” Kate Spade's marketing differs from Cole Haan's, as it is really a long term project and not a one time push. They planned out a years worth of content (or more!) and got to work dispersing it.

Their lively social media personality reflects the playfulness of the brand – and their color and pattern campaigns integrate not only across all their on-line platforms, but are also reflected in all of their stores. Even their new products reflect the over all themes. And each month they have something new it excite us with!

What can you learn from Kate Spade?

  • Plan, Plan, Plan – You don't have to go crazy like Kate Spade, but think about planning out a theme for a week or a month. Gear your posts around the theme – pin things that fit the theme, share relevant articles on twitter! (You can use our Editorial Calendar to help you plan…!)
  • Let Your Personality Shine – People follow you and read your blog because they like you and your voice – make sure to let it shine though – Kate Spade sure does! If you are bright and bubbly, be bright and bubbly. If you are witty let it come out! People will want to know more if you have a real voice (and I know you all do!)

Salvatore Ferragamo

The Girls About Town campaign that Salvatore Ferragamo is running for the launch of a new fragrance is the lastest to show up on our radar. The campaign follows the lives of – you guessed it – girls about town, and invites you to submit yourself as the next girl!

You can follow the girls via their multi-media tumblr feed, with photos, text and video as well as links to click over to their on-line shop and buy! I would like a little more cross-platform action with more promotion on their Facebook and Twitter… but for the most part, it's a fun idea!

What can you learn from Salvatore Ferragamo?

  • Host a Contest!  Contests and giveaways are always a fun way to boost engagement on your blog. Don't be nervous – we've got some great tips to get you started right here!
  • Share Your Lifestyle – Make sure you don't go crazy with this, but it's always fun to incorporate bits of your real life into your blog. Great places you go to shop, your favorite coffee shop to hang out at while search for street style subjects… etc!

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  1. Sharon

    When I clicked on this post,I really wasn’t sure if I would care for it HOWEVER, I did like this post. I found it interesting and filled with very good advice.

  2. Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

    This is such great advice! Thank you! Cole Haan’s ad is definitely my favorite since it makes it so personal and appealing to everyone within a certain group. It makes it feel exclusive, and goodness knows that everyone loves to feel part of an exclusive group!