Blogger Spotlight: NYC Pretty

When I first found Christine's blog, and started following her – I had to do a double-take. She had great photos, tons of comments, giveaways and a unique mix of content I hadn't seen before – and she's only been blogging since December of 2011. NYCpretty combines her grown-up, sophisticated style with fun fitness posts, beauty products and lifestyle tid-bits from her life in New York. I met her for coffee last week in Soho, and picked her brain about everything from her favorite products to her favorite guilty pleasure TV (The Bachelor). Christine is transitioning from a career working with glossie magazines (editing and styling) to focusing on her blog and turning it into a business. When she's not jaunting around the Upper West Side, working out or styling a shoot, Christine loves to surf, run, snowboard and of course, shop.

Why did you start blogging?

After Being a fashion editor for years with magazines I wanted to try something new. It seemed like the industry was starting to grow and focus on the web and social media and I felt that the natural progression moving forward was to start my own site. It began as a small side project but now it seems to be gaining lots of momentum and taking on a life of it's own. Very exciting!

What do you find is your greatest challenge in growing your blog?

I find that I want to say yes to every email and to all of the opportunities that have been coming up because of nycpretty but I have to learn to pick and choose the right projects for my brand.

As a freelancer and blogger, any tips for time management and productivity?

Take advantage of technology like smart phones, calendars etc to keep all projects in order. I am also trying to get better at planning a weekly schedule and shot list to keep the blog's rhythm consistent.

And finally, what's your favorite thing about living in New York?

I love that this city has been the backdrop for my life and now my site. One minute I can be running in central park and the next I'm in the village shopping and shooting. There are so many great resources to take advantage of here and it has the kind of energy and passion that I love.

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5 Responses

  1. Mandy

    I’ve known Christine for years and can say that she is authentic NYC fashion and fun! NYCpretty is on my must read list every day and should be on yours :).

  2. Kim

    Love the new format of the feature! The photos and tidbits at the top are a great alternative to spelling out every answer in the interview portion.