Ask the Brand: Kooba

This week we had the pleasure of chatting with McKenna McCarville, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Kooba. We already love their 5 looks 1 bag series, so we were excited to go a little more in depth.



At what point in your marketing strategy do you incorporate Social Media – is it considered from the beginning, or do you find ways to fit it in later?

Like most brands social media is very important to our marketing strategy. It is something that we take into consideration from the very beginning of any marketing initiative that we start. Our social media fans are very loyal…although we might not have the most fans compared to other brands, ours are very engaged and interact with us regularly through the different mediums.

How big is your social media team?

We are a tight-knit operation here at Kooba! Our social media team is one person.

In what capacity does Kooba work with bloggers?

We are constantly working with bloggers and looking for new ones to partner with. We launched a campaign for our Fall 2011 collection called 5 Looks 1 Bag where we partnered with a few of our favorite bloggers and had them style one of our bags in five different ways. The campaign was extremely popular and we are bringing it back for spring. Kooba is all about functionality and most if not all of our bags can be worn multiple ways. This campaign is a great way for people to see how their favorite blogger interprets one of our bags into their own style and it helped showcase the versatility of the product as well.

How do you select bloggers to work with?

It really happens by chance either perusing the Internet and coming across one that we think fits well with the brand (as well as the brand fitting well with their platform.) Also, referrals or recommendations are always great.

What value do you think blogger collaborations have, as compared to traditional marketing?

Blogger collaborations are extremely important and useful in today’s retail environment and they are an important piece of a brands’ marketing strategy. Some of our biggest traffic drivers to are bloggers websites. They play a crucial role in marketing today and I believe will have an even bigger impact in the future.

How do you measure the overall value of bloggers and social media?

The reach of a campaign is very important as well as sales of products themselves.

Do you have any tips for bloggers looking to engage with brands? How can they make themselves more attractive to brands?

One of the most important factors when researching whether or not to collaborate with a blogger is seeing what their platform is. Do they have a voice? A following? What makes them unique in compared to other bloggers? Having an angle is so so so important in today’s blogosphere.

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