IFB Poll: Is A Picture Worth 1,000 (blogger’s) Words?

In the world of fashion blogging, it can feel like there are two polarized camps when it comes to personal style posts. There are those who are much more photo-heavy, and include minimal written content to accompany their outfit shots. Then there are blogs that supply more editorial commentary, anecdotal stories and written content.

In the early days of blogging, it seemed that the whole point was just to write and write and write, because you could! Then it got easier and more seamless to integrate photos, and the quality got better and better. Soon blogs became a beautiful marriage of the two, and here we are.

Do you prefer blogs that favor one over the other? For example, Atlantic-Pacific is strategically lacking in written content, she lets her photos tell the story. On the contrary, Style and Pepper follows her very visual posts with just as much personal, humorous and thoughtful text.

Do you have a preference? Do you prefer to gobble up text via Twitter, or scroll through photos on Instagram and Pinterest? Blogging and social media has become melting pot of the two – but what if you had to choose? We want to know what keeps you clicking! If you had to decide, which element keeps you coming back to your favorite blogs?

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23 Responses

  1. Natasha Fatah

    I like reading a bit of text with a style post, even if it’s not related to the pictures at all. On the days I don’t have time I just glance through the pictures, but the bloggers who write personal anecdotes, share their thoughts and experiences, I feel infinitely “closer” and more loyal to them.

    But that doesn’t mean HAVE to share anything. If their talent is the photography and the styling and that speaks for itself, then I respect that too.


  2. Chp_dzn

    Nothing can beat an outfit post with a witty write up! It adds a personal touch to the blog and helps the readers/viewers connect with the blogger better!

  3. Jasmine Sinclair

    I like when there is just enough to know the background of a photo series but not a dissertation. Unless a warning is given and the post sole purpose is to talk on a subject. I prefer minimal text and more photos.

  4. Katie

    I agree with the first commenter. I love photos, but my favorite blogs are the ones that share their life, too – the good and bad.

  5. Princess Dominique

    I love text with “some” photos too as well, but not too much. I believe that mostly anything can be summed up in 2 paragraphs or even less. With the amount of blogs I visit weekly I can’t sit and read pages of content. It should compliment the photo like icing does cake.

  6. Nels

    To me, photos need context, and that’s what the writing provides. Sure, I can interpret photos, but I want to know why the blogger thinks those photos matter.

  7. Shayne Renee

    I “read” 50-60 blogs every day. I don’t have time to read every line in every post. Yes, some times I just look at the pictures. Especially, when they tend to be very negative people. There is only so much doom and gloom I can handle. But, there are certain bloggers whose writing I always read (i.e. Man Repeller, The Other Side of Grey). Why? Because they are hysterical! They make me smile. Who doesn’t want to laugh?

  8. kimmiepooh

    I prefer blogs that include text because I like knowing the back story of the outfit (where they were going, how they found the piece, etc). There are a few exceptions (Atlantic-Pacific being one) but even then, I sometimes wish there was a little extra. When it comes to personals style blogs, I like knowing the girl behind it.

  9. Heather

    As much as I enjoy looking at images I really want to get more from a blog than just pretty photos. I do look at the more editorial posts for inspiration for work, but I like to read what the blogger has to say for my personal enjoyment.

  10. Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle

    For me great visuals are very important. I always pay a lot of attention to get them as good as I can. However, especially if you’re just starting in blogging then great text is important too. Not just for the readers who appreciate it, but Google as well. My blog is growing fast, partly because I get found in Google, because I pay attention to keywords etc. That’s how a lot of new women find me. I think that your style and photos will have to be exceptional (and obviously Atlantic Pacific is just that) for you to really grow fast as an images only blog.

  11. Shini

    Love how the votes are 50-50 still, I think it really matters that both content compliment eachother, so even if you had 90% photos and then a little paragraph at the end, the paragraph rightly sums up the top-heavy post and vice versa!

  12. Daniel Dunt

    I do love pristine imagery, but without even a small caption, it seems a little pointless. If you’re wearing a beautiful outfit, I at least want to know what you were doing or where you were going. I think it helps to build a relationship between the blogger and reader.

  13. Synthetic

    I voted yes, but I can never bring myself to follow blogs that are entirely reblogged style photos, or are only outfit shots. The blogger, in my opinion, actually has to have something to say about the photos if he/she wants me to follow them.

    • Naomy Q

      I completely agree with you. Especially since there are so many different already-established websites that do exactly the same. A blogger should make the content, even in the case of it is a very well known image, original and unique, bring something new to the table.

      In this sense, maybe we are more close to writers than anything.

  14. Julie D.

    I have to admit– I mostly about the visuals. But I like a little bit of a story too. Not a novel though. I think “The Man Repeller” is the perfect blend of both visuals and story.

    I personally don’t write that much on my blog, especially because I find that most people who comment on my page don’t read the text… they just comment on the pictures.

  15. de la Pen

    This was a cool poll! I focus more on my writing on my blog, photos are simply to supplement what I am saying. So for some posts I use images pulled via Google and credit my source; for events, shows, previews I take my own pictures.

    Also, I don’t do personal style blogging but for the personal style blogs I read, I do tend to skim the words and look at the pictures. Again, awesome post this was a great read!

  16. Becky at life/style/flash.

    It’s interesting to see how close the results are!

    Personally, I like a mix of the two. Good photos are so important but I’m over seeing 20 shots of the same outfit in one post – 3/4 suffice!

  17. Naomy Q

    Since I am a photographer, my blog is about (surprise!) pictures. But besides features, I like to share not only tecnical things but also what inspired the session, about the designers being featured and the creative process.

    I used to only put credits, but kept on feeling that a blog is not a place to just feature your work (which could be better done in a portfolio); but to SHARE the work. What you want to say, why you want to say it.

    As fashion bloggers, sometimes our ideas have to do with aesthetics, society, trends, art…. That is why I believe that some text is good for a blog. For images only and random thoughts, I think Tumblr/Pininterest etc could be good options for a kind of eternal digital moodboard.

    What do you guys think?

  18. Ellie

    I think there should be a good balance between the two. Personally, I like to look at photos as I am very visual person. I enjoy witty and informative comments here and there, but sometimes bloggers go a bit over board with the writing and it can get a bit boring. I agree with Naomy Q and think that tumblr and Pinterest are good platforms for digital moodboards.

  19. Dayle Gabriella Pereira

    I love a few pretty pcitures with some witty, sweet, content to accompany it.
    Pictures by themselves are not great and written content alone is bland. They need each other 🙂

  20. Myisha Marsh

    This was SO hard for me to answer!!! As far as fashion and beauty goes, its a visual driven, and I can’t take when someone talks about a shirt or lipstick… then doesn’t bother to show it! Grinds my gears! I also enjoy reading peoples opinions and takes on diff products… So I feel there def needs to be a healthy balance between the two…