5 Things Fashion Bloggers Would like To See From the Facebook-Instagram Deal

Yesterday news broke out that Facebook acquired Intsagram for $1 Billion Dollars.  I have to say one billion in a Dr. Evil voice. It was the first time Facebook had acquired an application with so many users. So is this deal going to be like chocolate and peanut butter for bloggers? Will we see the benefits in Instagram the way Youtube has evolved from it's 2006 Google buyout?  I would like to think so. Instagram had 9 people on staff, and while the app had been beautifully simple there were so many ways that could have made the beloved and incredibly useful app an essential tool for bloggers. Now that Instagram is now on Android, what other things can us fashion blogger ask for? I got a few..


5 Things Fashion Bloggers Would Like to See On Instagram

  • Click on an Instagram through to a url: This was the first thing on the list. Got that outfit shot and share it with your Instagram following? While you can see action on your actual Instagrams, it's hard to translate how these photos affect your blog's traffic and it's harder to measure how it impacts your own social media presence.
  • Toggle between accounts:Do you have a personal Instagram and one for your blog? What about an account for your work. Come on, logging on and off is a pain in the derriere and it's almost easier to get two phones, or three. Dude.
  • Being able to choose which Facebook Page your Intsagrams feed into: When I posted about Instafb, everyone loved the idea, but hated that it didn't feed directly into a Facebook Page. While you can use Statigram to feed ALL of your Instagrams into your page, what if you have two or three pages to feed into?
  • Insights for Instagram: If you're not looking at your Facebook Page Insights, you should.. it provides valuable information about who is looking and interacting with your page. Having this feature in Instagram would help you understand your community in the app better.
  • Upload Directly to Pinterest: Now this would be the ULTIMATE chocolate-and-peanut butter combination, why is this not a feature? They should be working on this as we speak. Dude.


What are some of the things you'd like to see with the new Facebook/Instagram acquisition? Do tell!

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8 Responses

  1. Linda

    They’ll never support Pinterest integration, Pinterest is a competitor. I do expect sharing options from Instagram to Facebook to improve.

  2. Tammy Trujillo

    Agree with all your points, especially #1! I don’t think Pinterest is a competitor, if anything, putting original Instagram content on Pinterest is good for both platforms.

  3. Christina @ Hair Romance

    Yes to Pinterest sharing! And links. Would make it so much easier.

  4. Jade

    A big fat YES to needing to be able to click on the Instagram pic through to your blog/tumblr/whatever URL!!

  5. Christy Lorio

    Call me old school but I actually like having my Facebook separate from my Instagram account. And I loathe Pinterest (the horror)so I won’t be partaking of that either. Honestly, I get burnt out if I follow someone on Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc… and see the same messages and/or images being posted to all of the same accounts. I’m more likely to unfollow someone when I get burnt out. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I think some separation is a good thing!

  6. Regan

    I would love to be able to share my instagram photos straight to my blog’s page! I’m an android user so I just got instagram and that’s one of my biggest gripes.

  7. the mannikin

    totally agree!!! especially with your first and last points! Get on it Facebook!!