Ask Amanda – On Handling A Copycat


Dear Amanda,

I started talking to a new blogger, and she ended up copying my exact theme, down to the font (which I changed myself. It wasn't the default.) should I say something? – Brigid


Dear Brigid,

Dealing with a copycat is the WORST. The entire IFB team has had some kind of issue with copycatting and it is not only frustrating but tiresome. Before answering your question, my first question to you would be: did you create this them all on your own? Or did you purchase it from another source? If you created this theme all on your own (nicely done, by the way!), you definitely have rights to your theme. You can email a Cease and Desist letter (a legal order stating that the user stop whatever activity he/she is doing) to the blogger stating that you own the rights to that theme, you never granted permission to the bloggers to use your theme, and that he/she needs to stop using it.

Side note: If you purchased it from a theme developer, technically the theme developer has the rights and the license for the actual theme. If this is the case, you can send a helpful email to the theme developer and he/she will go on from there. Developers are very quick to take action against those who their work without purchasing a license.


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7 Responses

  1. Fashionbrew

    Love this article. Forwarding to a couple of people. I have had people still my interview questions verbatim among other things and have several other disgruntled fashion blogger friends. Love this advice.

  2. Brigid

    I didn’t make the theme, I got it from another site for free, but I did spend a long time searching for the perfect one and making sure no one else had it. I was just wondering if I should have said something to her about it.

    I ended up just changing it to something else.

    Thank you though!

  3. kd

    @Brigid – people who have to resort to those tactics will eventually run out of people to be thoughtstealers from. At the end of the day, they still have to come up with original content and that is obviously their weakness.

  4. Célèste

    I also think It’s always good to start with a polite note letting the copycat know that you’re on to them and that you’d appreciate it if they did their own thing rather than copying you. Most people will be so embarrassed that they’ll stop. After all, if they admire you so much to steal your ideas, they probably don’t like the idea of you thinking poorly of them.

  5. The Artful Poser

    Yes, this really is frustrating. I created my blog in November 2011, 2 months later that “totes amaze” “smize” guy with the wig dressed in drag went viral with a video like version on youtube. What should you do in a case like this? More than frustrating…