IFB Exclusive – Pose Your Way to a Larger Following

With all the buzz about Facebook's one billion dollar acquisition of Instagram (that's right – ONE BILLION) we've all been thinking about what the next hot photo sharing app will be. Here's our prediction –


We introduced you to Pose this fall – and have been striking poses ourselves ever since. As a quick refresher, Pose is an app that lets bloggers share their daily looks with their readers, and with brands (by letting you tag each piece in your ensemble with the brand name!) You can also follow all your favorite bloggers and personalities for fashion inspiration. (Get it here>)

I've personally become obsessed with Pose.  I love posting outfits and geting instant feedback form readers and brands. It's also so helpful when I'm on the fence about buying a new piece – I just snap a pic in the dressing room as ask Pose. So,  I'm very excited to share some exclusive news from the Pose team with you:

Pose has seen the likes of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe grow her following to over 288,000 followers. And, in the last few weeks, they've seen many of their posers surpass their Twitter and Instagram followings on Pose!!!

  • Man Repeller: over 132,000 Pose followers vs. over 67,000 Twitter followers
  • Geri Hirsch: over 108,000 Pose followers vs. over 11,000 Twitter followers
  • Coco Rocha: over 150,000 Pose followers vs. over 66,000 Instagram followers
  • Style on the couch: over 87,000 Pose followers vs. over 2,000 Twitter followers
  • Could I Have That: over 47,000 Pose followers vs. over 1,500 Twitter followers
  • AJ Mukamal: over 39,000 Pose followers vs. over 11,000 Twitter followers

The list goes on and on. Celebrity stylist Logan Horne and E! host Catt Sadler also just joined their invite-only poser feed which includes brands like Theory, OPI, Helmut Lang, DKNYprgirl, Cynthia Vincent and Loeffler Randall in addition to over 100 fashion bloggers.

So How Can Pose Help You?

  • Growth – With it's growing numbers Pose gives you access to a whole new audience,  harness these new fans into readers and followers on other platforms
  • Focus Groups – Test out outfits before you blog them, see which get the best response
  •  Added Value – Pose on line! Pose from Facebook! You don't just have to post poses via the app any more. You can upload to pose.com or pull photos directly from your Facebook feed and tag them on Pose!
  • Build Brand Relationships – Do you have a few favorite brands that you always wear? Use your Pose feed to demonstrate your love if you pitch to one of those brands. (I've had a lot of interaction with brands I tag via Twitter because Pose adds their twitter handles when you share to twitter!)

Long story short – keep an eye on Pose. They are poised to be the next big thing in fashion technology!

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24 Responses

  1. anne the SpyGirl

    One reason some of those bloggers have such high numbers is one now answers a “style survey” and automatically “follows” 5 people and “hearts” 5 poses (designated by Pose).

    I really liked Pose at first – I was using it for my 365 Photo Project.
    I have growing concerns about it however:

    1) The feed used to be of the people that I follow. Now, it’s anybody and everybody. “Where did my girls go?”

    2) I noticed a huge influx of followers recently who seem to be either very young girls or anonymous people (bots?) with no poses at all. I usually check out my followers to see if I want to follow them back… which leads me to:

    3) Who are all these people following 300+ but not posting Poses themselves? Dirty old men?

    4) The girls, in “sexy” poses – do their mothers know what they’re up to?

    5) No privacy settings, no way to blacklist people, can’t even edit or delete comments without deleting entire Pose.

    You might think I’m being paranoid — I am! I’ve been doing an under-cover spy mission and will be posting the results at the end of the month.

    Here’s my public Pose: http://pose.com/u/spygirl#poses

    • Alicia from Pose

      Thank you for the feedback. We really appreciate your input and are always working to make Pose the best it can be.

      • anne the SpyGirl

        Alicia, I noticed a change in the feed today (finally!) but still – can’t we have a little more control over what we see in our feed? Since I can’t “unfriend” followers, I’m subjected to all their “hearts” Some of those gals “heart” A LOT.

        Also, there needs to be a way to search for friends that we’d like to follow. It’s VERY DIFFICULT, if not impossible

  2. Lynny

    I absolutely agree with Anne’s post. I was excited to join at first but now I can’t even find the people I actually follow. I always see the same “top” posers being shown on my feed, and I don’t even follow them.

    Also, I feel that pose has turned into a pinterest type of page where people are now just uploading things they like as opposed to their personal style, or personal pictures even.


  3. Brittany

    Just downloaded the app for my iPhone! So excited to start posting my own looks!


    I use pose already! Love that I can follow awesome bloggers like The Man Repeller who actually post content frequently.

  5. Designed2Think

    Agree with spygirl. I still love Pose, but not some of the updates.
    It’s now a mesh of Pinterest & tumblr since the regular feed is jumbled with all the Poses those I follow have loved.
    I still thing going with Feed & Feed+ is a great solution to returning our feed to its original state of just showing those we follow then add Feed+ if we wish to see what our girls are loving.
    & I’m not sure how to handle the Pise stalkers, I have plenty following me. A little creepy. :/
    But I do love getting feedback in my style, the theory of Pose is exceptional…just has a few bugs now.


  6. Designed2Think

    Geez, that was full of typos!
    Sorry about that…


  7. kimmiepooh

    If/when I decide to add another SM account to the mix, I might add Pose. I cover fashion & stlyle on my blog but am not a personal style blogger so joining wouldn’t be very beneficial to me at this point. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest will have to suffice for right now.

  8. Rawkul

    Spygirl, such interesting info! I downloaded this app to my iphone to see how I like it, but the privacy issues do concern me. I pulled my Pinterest because I didn’t feel 100% good about the copyright issues. There is always something with the new technology!

  9. Donatella

    I am going to check it out. I am a visual kind of person, so that’s intriguing … But I read the other comments and I am left with some concerns. One thing for sure… Keeping up with all these apps and social media is a full time job!

  10. Christy Lorio

    I joined Pose but deleted the app once I realized I wasn’t using it very much. Given the amount of blogs I read on a daily basis and SM I follow, there’s only so much content that I can keep up with!

  11. Dazzlin Sana

    Even I have never heard of Pose before. Just gonna go check it out! 😀
    Sana xx

  12. maaikevandijk

    Love this app!

    Follow ‘maaikevandijk’, I’ll follow back instantly 🙂

  13. nycgirl

    Hey, i’m new to pose, so i would love it if you check me out! My username is “nycgirl”. Thanks so much!