5 Coachella-Filled Instagram Feeds To Follow


Fashion and music will collide this weekend as everyone (and maybe their moms) head out to California's massive music festival known as Coachella.

From Twitter to Instagram, you can expect your social media feeds to be inundated with tweets and pictures filled with good music, late night adventures, and sunscreen. Festivals can be hit-or-miss in terms of interesting social media information – I mean, how many times can we hear about the raging B.O and you uber-rough night? Instead of following those boring accounts, we rounded up the top 10 Instagram feeds that you should follow to get your music festival fix.

1. @RollingStone: The king of music, Rolling Stone magazine will have behind-the-scenes footage with all your favorite Coachella acts. The Black Keys, M83, Laura Marling, St. Vincent, Fitz & The Tantrums, Beirut, Gotye… Their feed is bound to basically be a music orgy in the best way possible.

2. @Refinery29: Hands down, we consider Refinery29 to be one of our favorite sites for interesting content. Fashion, music and lifestyle – they have got it covered. Which is why we are staying tuned to their Instagram feed during the Coachella weekend. Who else would we turn to for exclusive images and fun snapshots from the weekend?

3. @lateafternoon: As one of Los Angeles' leading fashion bloggers, we will be scouting her Instagram feed for summer style inspiration. With sweltering heat and long nights ahead of us (Oh New York), we will probably pin every look she wears this weekend. Fact.

4. @BullettMedia: Fashion, film, design and music are the focus of BULLETT magazine and we seriously love everything they do.

5. @NylonMag: We can't talk Coachella without mentioning Nylon magazine. They basically are the cool kids of pop culture, right? We can only imagine the fashion snaps they are going to take while out in the desert this weekend.

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  1. Vicky

    Ahhh, super excited to be Coachella bound in 2013! Hopefully my Instagram account at @VickyFlipFlop will be one to follow 🙂