IFB Project #43: Play Ball – Sporty-Chic Style

This may shock you, seeing as I am a fashion blogger (and I blog about fashion blogging), but I am not very sporty. I do yoga, I jog sometimes, and I've been known to ride a bike and toss a Frisbee on a beach. I'll even swim a lap or two if the spirit moves me. But get me anywhere near a basketball – or god forbid, a football – and you've got material a-plenty that's perfect for America's Funniest Home Videos.

Luckily, one doesn't need to actually be sporty to enjoy this latest trend of incorporating sportswear pieces into your spring wardrobe. From magazine editorials to blogger style posts, I've seen creative and cool looks that balance everyday items with baseball hats, sneakers and varsity jackets.

IFB Project #43: Play Ball – Sporty-Chic Style Off The Field

For this week's project, I'm challenging you to channel your inner Derek Jeter (not really) and show IFB your sporty-chic style. Pair your favorite sundress with sneakers, tame your main with a cool cap… you get the idea! Submit a link to your post below, and check back to see the best selections on Wednesday!

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  1. Bahareh


    I love your blog so much! It caught my attention because I work at MOSCOT and we just launched our MOSCOT Sun Campaign and the idea is based on old sports! I think you’ll really like it. I hope you will check it out and also be in touch for future collaboration.

    Its always nice to speak to those moving forward in fashion and setting an example!