25 Terrific Tweet Tactics for Bloggers


You've heard us mention the important of building an editorial calendar but what about creating an editorial calendar for your social media account like Twitter?

With just 140 characters, your Twitter account has the potential to not only increase your blog's traffic but also build engagement with your social media audience and blogging community. Building the content for your Twitter channel can be easy with just a little dose of inspiration and planning.

Here are 25 Tweet Ideas all Fashion Bloggers can use to create a more diverse and engaging Twitter feed:

  1. Share new (and old) blog posts with your post's link.
  2. Offer details about events your participating in (press previews, blogger brunches).
  3. Engage with fashion influencers (Hello DKNY and OscarPRGirl!) through questions or comments on their own Tweets.
  4. Live tweet television shows (Revenge is huge, so is New Girl & Mad Men) and discuss the show's fashions/beauty.
  5. Share commentary on important industry-related issues (fashion designer shake-ups, new collections, etc).
  6. Share Twitter chats that you follow or participate in (BlogTrends, #TGIFB).
  7. Share inspirational quotes that reflect you & your blog's personality.
  8. Deliver breaking news related to your blog's topic.
  9. Hold a Q/A with your readers and what your readers are interested in seeing you write about or discuss.
  10. Mention upcoming site updates or blog redesigns.
  11. Promote contests or giveaways that you are running on your blog.
  12. Join the pop culture buzz around movie premieres, award shows or festivals (Coachella, fairs, expos, etc).
  13. Offer daily outfit tips or suggestions.
  14. Promote retail sales or promotions from retailers that match your blog's niche.
  15. Offer a post teaser through a quote or sound-bite (with post's appropriate link).
  16. Promote your blog's newsletter and encourage followers to subscribe.
  17. Discuss and raise awareness about your local community's fashion-related events.
  18. Promote another social media outlet you participate in (Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn).
  19. Share your favorite posts from around the blogging community.
  20. Ask for outfit inspiration or beauty advice (great way to engage with followers).
  21. Participate in a #FF (Follow Friday) and give love back to those influencers who you follow.
  22. Share your Instagram snaps.
  23. Create a Twitter List with favorite Twitter personalities & influencers and distribute lists to your followers.
  24. Host daily trivia about industry-related topics.
  25. Share job openings that fit your blog's niche.
Did we miss anything? Send us your recommendations in the comments section and we will add them to the list.

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13 Responses

  1. Erin

    Great tips! I can’t stress networking enough! We regularly share our blogs posts with influencers such as @dkny or @nycprgirls, or any brand or celeb mentioned in a post. @dkny replied to our tweet yesterday and we more than doubled our views for the day!

  2. Nels

    I’ve been on Twitter for years, but a lot of these are new to me. Good stuff!

  3. We Heart Vintage

    I’ve been on twitter for ages, but just as a passenger – not really doing anything except posting blog links there. Great tips, I’m off to engage the twittersphere now (hopefully!)

  4. Shermika

    These are some great tips. We use a lot of them already on the blog, but some were new to us. Thanks so much!

  5. Mishka

    I instantly unfollow anyone who live tweets tv shows, seriously. Re-think your audience before you jump on that one, kiddos. Works for some, not for others.

    The rest are great!

  6. ExclusiveUMPF (@ELeeAccessories)

    Thanks for this simple but straightforward article. We actually do a few of these things and will definitely be taking your advice. Tackling the others we will do!

    Thanks so much 🙂

    E’Lee Accessories

  7. Mercy

    This is a very resourceful post. It has greatly helped me to learn more and improve in my online ventures. For anybody wishing to know more I recommend this site.