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I first had the opportunity to get to know Carolyn Hsu of The Hsu Closet when we were organizing our Inside Generation Style event. She graciously agreed to be one of our models, and I've been learning little bits about her here and there ever since. We finally met in person after no less than one zillion emails leading up to the fashion show, and as it turns out, we're both Seattle girls! Carolyn is well-spoken, kind and stylish – my favorite kind of person. Below, check out some of her beauty and social media musts, as well as insights into how she leveraged her personal blog into professional success!

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging six years ago when a friend and I started The Daily Obsession – a shopping, beauty and lifestyle blog.  After years of blogging there and making friends with many other bloggers and editors, I became inspired by my fashion blogging friends to start a style blog of my own. At The Daily Obsession, I'm always blogging about product, but now with The Hsu Closet, I can also write about my personal life, travels, inspirations and style. I love the personal angle!

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion bloggers?

Go for it! Blogging has opened more doors for me than I could've ever imagined. I never thought that so many brands that I've always admired would one day consider me to be a partner and sometimes I still can't believe it.  One piece of advice I would give is to stay true to yourself.  I often see bloggers try to conform to a certain image, but that quickly makes them less interesting in my book.

How has blogging affected your career?

Blogging has given me opportunities for me to work for fashion brands I've admired but was never sure how to get my foot in the door at. Previously I've worked for many years at Microsoft Corporation and The Economist Magazine as a marketing manager but as I began to get more involved with my blogging, I realized that I wanted to make a full time career in the fashion industry.  I was able to leverage my blog and the contacts I had made to get a digital marketing job at a luxury fashion retailer which has then opened even more doors for me in the industry.  Currently I work as a marketing consultant for some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty- a job that I find incredibly rewarding and that blogging has played no small role in helping me achieve.

Carolyn Hsu of The Hsu Closet

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  1. Daniel Dunt

    I’m currently dabbling in digital marketing, and it’s great to see that blogging could eventually help me get my foot in the door with a handful of brands who may have otherwise not even given me a second look.

    By the looks of it, she’s a lovely girl with a lovely blog!