‘Tumblr’ May Surpass ‘Blog’ in Google Searches


I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that most of our dedicated fashion bloggers out there in the community are running their sites through a platform other than Tumblr. You're probably on Blogger, or WordPress. These platforms give you a lot of flexibility in posting, formatting, content creation and monetization, not to mention you can track your analytics and traffic through Google Analytics. Many of these benefits are not yet available on Tumblr, which has been deemed a “microblogging” platform, but the site is growing fast, especially in the realm of fashion.


Just how much is it growing? Mashable reports that according to Google's data, searches for the word “Tumblr” will surpass searches for “blog” by the end of 2012. FYI, that's only about 9 months away. Does that mean that eventually we will all abandon our traditional platform blogs for Tumblr? Or does it mean that it may just become a terminology transition, much like “Kleenex” did with “tissue.” (Mashable thought of that, not me.) The above illustration comes from Randall Monroe's web comic site, xkcd, and gives a humorous and easy visual of the probable search popularity by October of 2012.

On that note, IFB wants to know, where do you blog?

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image: Takahiro Ogawa from April's Elle Mexico

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  1. Daniel Dunt

    This is really interesting. I think that whilst Tumblr is becoming more and more popular, there are so many features that traditional blogging platforms have that Tumblr can’t compete with.

    I think that Tumblr will always be image orientated, and whilst that’s okay for some bloggers, many others (including myself) like to write, a lot. Tumblr is a great platform for sharing, but I think it’s a fad that will pass with time.

    • Christian

      It is a matter of finding the right theme for you goal of blogging. You will find a fashion magazine theme on the net to use it with Tumblr with all features that maybe much better than “traditional platform”.

  2. Lawrence

    I feel like the ‘blogging hype’ at the moment will die down but bloggers will always have their voices and personally I will carry on even though everyone is interested in urban outfitters,harry potter and jamjars

  3. Sheyla Concepcion

    Tumblr is great when it comes to inspiration and interaction, but I find it to be very limited compared to Blogger and WordPress. Also, the constant reblogging tends to confuse me when it comes to finding the original source of whatever I’m looking at. I like it but I don’t love it.

  4. Christian

    The texts below aren’t correct:

    “These platforms give you a lot of flexibility in posting, formatting, content creation and monetization, not to mention you can track your analytics and traffic through Google Analytics. Many of these benefits are not yet available on Tumblr,…”

    I used Tumblr from the start. Depends on the theme you choose you can easily add your Google Analytics id. If the theme didn’t support it then you can add the “code” to the “edit html area.
    I can add many banners, adsense, anything to get extra $ from my blog. A bit html-knowledge will help you.
    A bit creativity and knowlegde of html will get you very far with Tumblr.

    I am not really that whiz-kid with html/css but then there are a lot of instructions on the internet.

    Anyway I am happy with my Tumblr 🙂

    • Lauren

      I agree with you on this. If you research the coding a little bit you can literally find tutorials on how to do exactly what you want to do. It’s really versatile when you dig into it more than just the surface of it as a platform.

  5. Donna

    I used to like looking through the images on Tumblr, but I like Pinterest much better. I have a Tumblr blog, but I don’t post to it very often. It doesn’t have stats, that I’m aware of, it’s difficult for people to leave comments, etc. So I stick with Blogger for my main blog & just occasionally post pictures on Tumblr.


  6. Sia

    This post has made me open a tumblr account. It’s all about promote, promote, promote isn’t it!

    Luckily tumblr is easy to use.

  7. Patriciann

    Earlier this year it was reported that Pinterest is surpassing Facebook in users. So it appears that 2012 will be the year of one-upmanship in the social media world.

    Personally, I have two websites, covering design and fashion dolls, with overlapping audiences. I’m moving to WordPress (thanks for the push, Office Live) and may also merge my blogs into the new websites for ease of maintenance. I use Tumblr primarily for visual teasers to new posts.

  8. debi c

    hmmm..i don’t really see this happening..i mean the term over taking makes no sense to me..and people use tumblr for a different purpose..not the kind of freedom you get with blogger or wordpress..

    • crissie.fuller

      I agree with you! But do you think it might be the increase in big brands with tumblr blogs that are increasing the Google searches? (Because people are googling so-and-so brand’s Tumblr?)

  9. Lauren

    I use tumblr as my main platform and I feel like I have a lot of versatility. I can tweak a few
    Codes usually and have it all exactly how I want.

    I main limitation is the difficulty in stat counting and inserting social buttons onto the site.

    I would love to ultimately move to wordpress, but for now tumblr offers everything I need for free. Upon growth I can see it being more difficult, but what I wore managed to make it work.

  10. Angelica Lainis

    My blog is set on tumblr and I find it much easier to use than blogger. I do adore how blogger is set out and the tools that it uses but I find it very hard to use and confused on how to start. I moved to tumblr and have experienced so much growth. I love being able to interact with my readers. I don’t often reblog posts but post original post with helpful comments.

    • crissie.fuller

      Tumblr does have a super simple and intuitive platform – I think this is part of why they have been so successful! But do you think that the word “Tumblr” will ever mean they same thing that the word “Blog” does?

  11. Abigail

    I started blogging with Tumblr and made my first outfit posts on there. I didn’t even know what Blogger and WordPress were. I gained a small following on Tumblr and decided that I was too far along to start up a whole new blog on a different platform, so I adapted my Tumblr HTML coding to make it look as much like a Blogger blog as possible. The only problem with Tumblr is that there is no built-in comments section, so I have to use Disqus.

  12. Kelly

    Considering I am a college student and just blog on the side, I find tumblr easiest to use because I don’t have to take much extra time figuring out formatting and things like that.

    Tumblr is becomin very popular for fashion blogs that only consist of photos, though, and I find it hard to get as much attention for my real posts. Those are much more popular on blogger and WordPress, but I hope that transition comes to tumblr because it really is a great platform