Coming Soon: Ads on Your Tumblr Dashboard

It seems that Tumblr has changed its tune about advertising. David Karp, CEO of Tumblr, announced that the platform will offer advertising units in the ‘Featured' section of the Tumblr dashboard starting May 2, Mashable reports.

Karp was quoted by the Los Angeles Times in 2010 saying,  “We’re pretty opposed to advertising. It really turns our stomachs.”  And as recently as last week Karp told Advertising Age that adding Google AdSense to make Tumblr profitable was,  “so far down the list, I mean, we're selling our desks to avoid that, it's a complete last resort.”

Sure, Featured Advertisements may be a bit different than Google Ads, but is it a step in that direction? Tumblr has also started allowing all its users to pay $1 to feature a post of theirs – a more creative way to monazite than traditional advertising.

Now that the Platform is five years old – and growing at an expedited rate – is it time for them to start finding ways to monazite?

For all of you that use Tumblr – what are your thoughts on adding advertising to the platform? Are you OK with it? Or does the idea turn you off?  Tell us in the comments!

[Image by Dustin Fenstermacher]

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10 Responses

  1. Marcia

    I’ve been using Tumblr for over two years now, and as long as the ads are not being stuffed into my face I’ll be alright with it. Besides, someone’s going to invent a new script to block the ads on the dash anyway, so I don’t really know if it matters.

  2. Andrew

    I’m never a fan of advertisements, but I understand their necessity. As long as the ad targeting is effective, the quality of ads are kept high, and the ads don’t detract from the Tumblr experience, I think they can make it work. In any event, I appreciate the fact that they’ve tried their best to avoid running ads on their platform for so long.

    I wonder though, will they consider offering paid membership for those who don’t want ads in their experience at all?

  3. Jyoti (Style-Delights)

    WHY would a company provide you a service – blogging or any other – if they don’t have any incentive? Would you pay to use a blogging platform? Din’t think so! Want it free – get used to advertising!
    Lets face it, every business out there is to make money, anybody who denies that is just misguided or plain lying! And secondly, I don’t understand why people are against advertising, specially bloggers who by definition want to ‘advertise themselves’- to be read and heard (that’s why they publish publicly and not just write a diary!) If it is not coming in the way of my reading/viewing experience, advertising on Tumblr is OK!
    Other than Red cross, I don’t remember very many ad free sites!

    • crissie.fuller

      Jyoti – This is an excellent point! I feel like there is always some sort of a push back when a company changes its game, but if the overall function and usability of the site stays the same people, get used to it (think Facebook!)

  4. jader d' avila

    I grew up on advertising. I miss it. I feel that there’s something wrong when I don’t see nobody trying to sell nothing to me. the company that brings this to us gotta make money. the one who thought of things pretty for us gotta make money. we made money to give it to them in exchange for the nice things they made for us. the ad is the way they tell us what they got for us. you buy it if you like it. there’s too much blank space here. fill it with nice things for me.

  5. Catherine

    I really like Tumblr’s approach to advertising – it’s not seeking too much money from outside advertisers, nor is it selling the soul or integrity of the site. I like the idea of non-interfering advertising.

    Furthermore, I wonder if there are other ways Tumblr could monetize – like maybe adding “pro” accounts that have extra benefits, maybe? I use Tumblr all the time, and would be totally down for paying for extra features (like Livejournal did a long time ago.)